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Monday, January 12, 2009

just stuff

This past Sunday was YW New Beginnings. S got her personal progress medallion, as did Rebecca and also Sis. Black. It was a nice program and I am very glad that both S and J earned their awards this year. There is a new value: virtue, which was introduced to us last night. I think that is a wonderful addition and much needed. I am sure the girls are pleased that they finished their projects before they had to do one more:)

We had a good weekend. Saturday J and I went shopping, we took Lucy with us and she wasn't a bad shopper so that was nice. Beloved and E and H went to karate.

Saturday night we went to dinner groups. We had a really fun time. I really always do, it's a treat to get out and visit in some one's home. And it's so nice to have all adults there. Coordinating it is a bit of a pain, and here's why. I don't mind trying to make the groups and trying to keep everyone eating with new couples each time (although I am not good at it, and it's hard...this year I have Holly and she's got a great brain for it so I just sit and write down what she figures out :)) I also don't mind making the many phone calls it takes to keep it running and everyone informed. And I don't mind the people who tell me ahead of time that they can't make it on a particular month and I don't mind the emergencies that come up because that is life. I do mind the people who say they will go and then don't without telling anyone. Mostly I mind because I know it's a lot of work to host, at best; and for some it's really out of their comfort zone and they worry and fret so it's really a big deal for them and then when someone can't come it's sad and disappointing. Obviously, since I keep doing it, I think it's worth it but every year I wish that the few who bail out would do a better job of letting their hosts know.

Like I should talk because yesterday morning Nikko called and asked if we wanted to have dinner with them since they had lots of left overs from hosting the night before and I immediately said YES! and we were so excited until we got to church and learned that S would be getting her award that night so we could only stay an hour. Dinner was so good, but I felt so rude leaving early like that. I understand that part of the unspoken agreement when being invited to dinner is that you, the guest, will provide some pleasant conversation and company for a nice amount of time (whatever amount that is). And we did not. BUT we still had so much fun, and were so happy to be invited, and loved the food. Thanks soooo much! And I just have to add that they were so gracious and sweet and made us feel like it was just fine but still I knew and felt bad.

We got wii fit last week. Since we've gotten it hooked up I think it's been running non-stop. Everyone enjoys it a lot. The games are fun and there is an element of competition that we enjoy. There is nothing more fun than seeing your name on the number one spot :) It has it's flaws, which Beloved could catalog for you if you wish, but for the most part I think it's a two thumbs up. Of course you have to be thick skinned. You start by importing your little mii and then you fill in your personal information and then finally you step on the wii platform and it weighs you and rates you. I hopped up and after calculating my little mii puffed up like a cat stuck in a microwave, complete with little "poof" noise. Most insulting. She pants and puffs and huffs and hangs her head after every work out. J's mii on the other hand is a stick. I hope mine will trim up with some work :)

Today I spent some time while everyone else was gone to work and school securing some #1 spots for myself. (one of the benefits of living a life of leisure)

For Christmas I got these new knives. They are awesome. Today I was chopping and was amazed at how easily and neatly they cut!

This morning I went to Target to buy Lucy's birthday present and some other miscellaneous things. While I was there I saw Dinosaur Eggs!! Score. These were the kids very favorite oatmeal and then mysteriously about a year ago I couldn't find it in the stores, any where. And then today, just as unexplainedly there it was again. I bought several boxes, just in case.
And speaking of oatmeal this is odd. The kids have to have oatmeal for breakfast two mornings a week. (that' not the odd part) I am a big believer in it's oaty goodness and frankly was just tired of the complaining so decreed that two mornings they would have it with no tears. And it worked and they eat it. It's yummy and warm and good for your brain and your tummy so this is a good thing. Anyway I used to boil water in my Pyrex 2 cup measure cup and then pour said water into our several bowls and stir and serve. A couple summers ago I was with MSV and she did hers differently, and I have to say better. She puts oatmeal and water together in the bowl and microwaves both and it gets fluffy and creamier than my method so I switched. The problem is sometimes it over bubbles in the bowl and then there is a mess and for some reason I can not predict with any accuracy which bowls will do this. I bought some deep bowls, red and plastic, and while shopping thought "these are deep, they won't bubble over". This morning I made Brother's oatmeal first and low and behold it bubbled over. "how odd I thought", grabbed the next identical bowl, put in one packet of oatmeal and 2/3 cup water (same as before) nuked it for the same amount of time and ...dun dun da! no bubbling over. Why?? It's very vexing and perplexing (can you tell I just read Dr Seuss to brother at bedtime?)


Anna said... many things to comment on. First of all, congrats to S and J on finishing their projects. Woo Hoo!
Dinner groups: it's always hard inviting people, because I feel bad for those who I didn't invite...but you can't possibly have everyone? although I would love to.
Wii: LOL!! Great visuals in my head!
Knives: I have cutco but wish I had Henckels
Oatmeal: Love it. and I love how you "decreed" 2 times a week and it worked. Rob hasn't figured out the bubbling over problem? He should be all over that - figuring out the area of the bowl vs the volume of water and oats :)

nikko said...

I must say I've never thought of what a cat in the microwave might look like. LOL.

We really didn't mind that you had to leave. We were just happy to have you! It's so hard when church is SO late in the day.


Katy said...

We grew up on oatmeal too. But my mom always used milk to make ours. You could always put a plate over under the bowl so the clean up would be easier. I hate cleaning out the microwave.

Yvonne said...

I love oatmeal--and mine always boils to the brim of the bowl (no boiling over--don't have an answer to the why ; )

Love your description of the Wii fit. Don't have one, but it sounds like fun.

Would love to hear your hubby's thoughts--after watching the Wii when 4 people play--I think it has a hard time "seeing" everyone's controller (not sure that makes sense)

Congrats to S on getting her medallion. (I got mine a few years ago and it is a lot of work.) I love that virtue is now a value.

I have a good life said...

Wow! That is a lot of "Stuff!" How awesome for S to get her award! How cool is Wii fit? I am sure I'd love it if I could talk DH into a WII! How strange on the oatmeal. I still do the boiling water just is so much faster even if not nearly so creamy. I can make all six bowls of oatmeal at once instead of one at a time.

BTW: I hope subbing went well!

AeroRob said...

I haven't noticed a problem with 4 Wii-motes in use at one time. However, we haven't done that for months. I don't like the small screens on MarioKart, and nobody can come close to beating me on tennis, so we don't use 4 very often.


Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Congratulations Sierra and Jenna!