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Friday, January 16, 2009


Poor H. She has wanted to take microwaveable food to school for lunch. She asked, specifically for cup of soup. Well I remembered to buy some and she took it on Tuesday. Lunch went well. She was happy. Wednesday morning she asked me to pack it again. This time while she was taking it out of the microwave she tipped her cup and it spilled down her hand and she got a huge burn and that blistered and everything :( She was very sad. She came to my classroom and sat with us for a while. The 1st graders were very concerned and sympathetic. She did go back to class and is feeling fine now, although the blisters are still there. Also we're back to sandwiches for lunch.

It's been so COLD!

The other night Josh, Anthony, Miguel, Rebecca, S and J went laser tagging and to sonic. They had a most wonderful time. Later that evening J and I were standing in the kitchen and she said "was that a date?"
"I don't know, did you guys think it was?"
"well, I don't want it to be my first date."
"okay, well it doesn't have to be"
"why couldn't I do that when I was 15 then?"

pause for some pondering,
this is always a tricky issue. What is a date? What isn't?

Finally I told her to be glad that now she is old enough to go on things that might be dates, if everyone agrees, or might be fun hanging out and she doesn't have to worry. This is the kind of dating she is now allowed to do, two or more couples going out to have fun together...the kind that you almost have to wonder is it or isn't it.

Parenting is complex. I know a lot of parents who not only allow but encourage pairing off, single dating when the kids are young. Sadly this really does a disservice to the kids. The older I get, ah-hem, do I sound old and wise?, the more I understand and see the wisdom to Heavenly Father's commandment. The more I see the real freedom that it give and the joy. Many things that young people think are restrictive really buy them so much time, freedom, joy, un baggage ed life experience. I wish they could see it too.

My goodness, this morning J and I were watching the news as they talked with some of the survivors of the "water landing" in the Hudson yesterday, and some of the boat captains who helped rescue them. What a scary thing. I am so glad they are all fine. What really touched me was the courage so many showed in helping others. The accounts of the calm and the looking out for one another. There are so many good people in this world, trying to do what's right, trying to live honorable, helpful, courage filled lives. It brought tears to my eyes, the beauty of it. It gives me hope. Some times the world and our future looks grim, but then I remember all the goodness out there, all the people trying to make a difference, being good and just. How wonderful!

Made a yummy soup the other night. It was a Paula Deen recipe. I like her, I used to find her annoying cuz she's kind of loud and occasionally even obnoxious but she makes great food, she's a great mom, a self made business woman, and I think someone I would like in real life, she's down to earth and real ...and I love that she's not a skinny Minnie.

Yesterday little P taught Lucy how to use the mouse. Something we've been working on but she wasn't getting. Now she can play Star Fall by herself :)

Sensei Mike is coming to dinner on Sunday. What should I fix?

This week was my last to drive J to early morning swim practice! Yeah! Next week she'll be back in Seminary and taking gymnastics at school. She'll probably be good at it, she's a natural athlete.


Yvonne said...

Sorry about H's burn.

Kyle was one of my kids who just couldn't wait to turn 16 so he could date--it was a constant battle. Now he's 17 1/2 and still hasn't had a "first date".

That "water landing" was amazing. I am still so surprised no one was more seriously injured.

Sounds like all of your children are natural athletes.

utmommy said...

Poor H, I hate burns.

Who's Sensei Mike?

Tori said...

In my book, it is not a date unless each young man is escorting a particular young woman AND PAYING FOR HER!!! Otherwise it is just a mixed group of young people having fun together; something I would not object to if they were under 16. I know many people do not agree with me. That is just my opinion. When I was young we often had large groups of young men and young women who did things together. We NEVER considered it dating. We were just having fun. Sometimes part of the group would be made up of a "couple", that did not change the view of the rest of us as being single.

I think that those of us who have concerns about young people dating too young (or having boyfriends before dating age) have gotten really wrapped around the axle about all of this. Add to this a youth culture that is pairing up before the age of 12 and you have mass confusion. And less fun.

So glad these 6 young people could just have fun...

AeroRob said...

For Mike, you should make something that makes him want to buy our house!


nikko said...

I didn't realize that Lucy didn't know how to use the mouse. They were both having tons of fun and they kept asking over and over all day long to play.

If the boys ask and they pay, then it's a date. Not that it really matters what I think. ;o)

Sorry about H's burn. It looked so bad!

Have fun with Sensei over for dinner. I feel bad that M kind of quit karate, but what do you do. Maybe he will want to do it again someday.