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Sunday, January 25, 2009

the good, the bad, keeping it real

Another Sabbath day, drawing to a close...and it can not come quick enough today. Not that's it been an awful day, just not great either. Like every day there is good and bad.

so the good:
  • Mom posted on her blog. I like to read the mission stories. Here they are, little missionaries in Belgium! Fun. I am excited for them.
  • J spoke in church today. She did a good job (she had a good talk writer :) )
  • RS lesson was good.
  • My SS class was attentive and asked questions that had something to do with the lesson, they were fun.
  • Had a fun little chat w/ Michelle and Nikko waiting for class to start.
  • Angel food cake for dessert tonight.
  • Someone came to look at the house.
  • D is almost a quarter of the way done with her pregnancy. Cute Calan and his mom and dad sat in front of us and it made me think of her and then I realized, hey it's been almost 10 weeks! Wow!
  • I have a new book to start reading tonight that I am excited about...unless I decide to save it for the plane next week (nah, that won't happen)
  • Yesterday we found some floor plans that are much closer to 300,000 than 400,000 that we like and this makes me very happy!
  • no one is sick
  • it's not raining

The Bad:

  • Lucy was the biggest wiggle worm in sacrament, this is the second week in a row. For a while she was doing well and now this, I don't know what happened.
  • the microphone was buzzing and very annoying.
  • The kids fought in the car on the way home, over dumb stuff.
  • I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to be for my lesson (although it still went well, thankfully)
  • now the kids are outside, hitting each other with sticks (maybe that belongs on the good list, they are outside and all seem agreeable to being hit so who am I to stop them?)
  • Beloved has a meeting and will miss dinner again :(


Yvonne said...

Every day there is always bad mixed in with the good--I guess that's so we appreciate all the good, eh.

I LOVE reading about your parents--it is so great. They are such wonderful examples to me (we live in an area where in the 13 years we've been here, we can count on one hand the number of seniors who have gone on a mission ; (

Can't believe it has been that many weeks for D.

Natalie said...

I love you and I love to read your blog. You are a good writer and your blogs are always interesting. I'm pretty sure you got that from Dad. He is a great writer too.
I can really relate to the good and the bad. Opposition in all things.
Well, you are all sound asleep and we are just in the morning of our day. It seems so strange to think about that.
Have a great week.
Love n' hugs.