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Sunday, January 25, 2009


It was a party weekend. Last night J went to a Sweet 16 at the Hyatt in the Stockyards. She had a very fun time. They had dancing and food and cake. The girls all looked so pretty in their formal wear:) While she was there S was off playing laser tag with Kelly and Kerry and then the three of them also went to a birthday party. Meanwhile the littles had a new baby sitter, Kirsten. She did awesome. H stayed up late to "help" (which she enjoyed) and Kirsten got Brother and Lu to bed just fine. While they were all otherwise occupied Beloved and I went downtown. Our downtown is lovely and we always enjoy walking around. It was brisk out so we didn't linger. We went to see Paul Blart, Mall Cop, which I hoped would be funny. It was kind of funny. But not $17. worth. If you went to the dollar show, maybe. If you got it at RedBox and 5 people watched for 20 cents a piece, then it would be worth it.

Our day had many places to be. E, G and H had a primary activity. J had a seminary activity at the Stake Center, I took down a car load of girls and Carol drove them back. They had fun. It's always a kick to drive them anywhere and to listen to their silliness! Also Renaldo had to be weighed so Beloved did that, and he needed food so I did that. Then Beloved taught karate, H went and Brother skipped to play at C's house, where he had a most wonderful time!

Friday dinner ( daddy was working)

Friday night S and J went to Garrett's to a Laurel/Priest age party. It was their second weekend in a row and the girls had a really fun time. They played pool and wii and ping pong and watched movies. Many of the girls brought food. I was glad they could go.

Beloved has been working late late late, like until midnight many nights this week. As a result I ended up missing book club :( I heard they had a good time and a lively discussion. I guess I can't complain, having a job is a good thing, and OT is a good thing.
I bought these delicious berries at Sam's club on Friday. They were so tasty and sweet that we ate them all and I went back for 4 more lbs on Saturday.


nikko said...

Sounds like a busy and happy weekend!

Yvonne said...

J looks very pretty.

Sounds like a great weekend--sorry about the $17 on a movie you didn't enjoy.

Sorry you had to miss book club--but you are right about the job (and I REALLY mean that ; )

Those berries look delicious.

In May, the wedding will be in Frisco and reception in Plano.