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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keeping busy

Yesterday we went to Waldorf and bought paint and went to Costco. The kids filled up on samples and we didn't even have to have dinner, just random snacks in the evening. Some had clementines, others popcorn, someone ate a muffin. Love those dinners:)

J spent the day out with friends and S at work.

Today S is at school and J is sleeping. She had a "sleep over" on Th night and then spent the day playing so she was behind on sleep. We took the little kids to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Lightening Thief. I liked it. The kids were all disappointed and spent the whole drive home talking about how is was different than the book and lamer. Which is true. However, seasoned movie goer that I am, I now expect it to be different and not as good. If you go into it with those expectations you can still enjoy the movie, even if it's as silly as Twilight, or as untrue to the story as Ella Enchanted.

Now they are all out sledding with Beloved. Yeah! I am inside watching the Olympics! yeah yeah! We watched the opening ceremonies last night, they were lovely.

We have snow in the forecast for Mon and Tues. Does this mean more school delays? We have gone to school 3 half days in the month of Feb, so far.

I have a is getting better, but how unpleasant.


Lil' M said...

looks like the movie was fun. we haven't gone sledding this whole winter at least i haven't. hope they back to school soon.

nikko said...

We even had a real live snow day here! And some kids in the neighborhood were trying to sled -- they were using a boogie board. LOL. I guess no one has sleds here.

utmommy said...

I hate headaches. No fun.

matt and michelle ray said...

I'm worried about another snow day too! I just want some routine back! And maybe for the house to stay clean for longer than 5 minutes...

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I thoughtyou do not get headaches are you getting sick?

Yvonne said...

Sorry about the headache. Hooray for the Olympics--I loved the Opening Ceremonies.

Very wise about the movies--they are never the same. I always try to go without expectations.