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Friday, February 19, 2010

things I love, and things I don't

In no particular order....

hello...why is everything so expensive? Two of my neighbors got propane bills that were over a thousand dollars! I am dieing a thousand deaths waiting for ours. What is up with that??? We all wear jackets in the house, literally. Kids swap stories about chipping the ice off the top of their blankets before crawling out of bed in the morning and still $1000? Really??

and food...and EVERY THING. I'm just saying.

love it! Love the games, medals, GO TEAM USA!! I love the dedication to doing something really well that you see in these young athletes.

Tonight I am taking this one, and a few of the Laurels to the Laurel Priest dinner/dance. Should be super fun:) Love my girl, love my calling, love teens!

This morning I found Miss Lu quietly reading to herself before the rest of the house had even begun to stir (except Jen who was already at seminary). She is right of the verge of being able to read. It's such an exciting fun time! She is working so hard and is so proud and determined. Go Lu!!

Walking into my boy's room and finding a battle in progress. :) Who knew that boys trained to be warriors from the time they take their first step? It's so cute. This one often gets an extra prayer, Please Lord, hold him in the hollow of your hand as he grows from boy to man (love that song) and keep him safe and teach him to be a strong and righteous man.

that I live so far away from these three little pumpkins :( SO NOT FAIR!! and now Ang is having a boy! Yeah!! (and I won't see him either:( )
Tal, Joneaux and Tate at their cousin playdate:)

could you show any greater lack of wisdom?? He makes me sigh a million sorrowful, worried sighs. Can we survive 3 more years of his "leadership"??

three more days of this in the forecast next week ;(

couldn't take the cold one more second and booked a trip to here!! Yeah! In two months Beloved and I will be sharing a combined "valentines, birthday, anniversary, mother's day, father's day, groundhog day" cruise to the Bahamas! Whoo HOOO!!!!!

Love them. This week I read a couple of goods ones. My fav was "Saving CeCe Honeycutt", set in the south, which I love, I adore the southern voice, the image of a sultry, sweaty, hot place with the scent of magnolia blooms in the air, the gentle manners and drawling accent. It's the story of a young girl, a mentally ill mother & absent father, and the great Aunt and other sweet ladies who step in and love and nurture her.
Also read "Lucky Man" by Michael J Fox, that was for book club. It was okay. Lots of riotous living and drinking and self absorbed behavior in the beginning, followed by a period of enlightenment and a realization of what's really important. I always liked Alex P Keaton and Marty McFly so I didn't mind reading it but it's not that great.
Last night I finished "Jane Bites Back" which I am embarrassed to say I liked:) It's about Jane Austen, who in in fact a vampire, still alive today. It's witty, the vampires are much niced up, there is some romance, and it was a fun, light read.
What else?
Last night was our monthly night of ministry...where I managed to offend the sister we were visiting. Darn it.
Then I had to stop for a Frosty on the way home...because I felt so bad about offending her and chocolate always, top of the do not like list is dieting, which shows my general lack of character because offending someone should be higher on the list than giving up chocolate but it's not.


Anonymous said...

Someone who is spring-loaded to take offense. Worry about that which you can affect ... DH

Anna said...

Yep, hate expenses ($1000? really? that stinks), love the olympics. Love the nieces and nephews, hate not living close to them all. LOVE cousin parties, Love beautiful weather. Jealous of your trip, and so excited for mine!

wendy said...

I am worried about our heating bill. We haven't actually paid bills for about 10 years - thank you military housing. But the estimate from the gas company sounded okay... (hope it's less than $1000...)

I'm actually thrilled with the price of things - milk $1.89/gallon. a dream come true! $4.50 was a good deal in Hawaii....

Is that an actual real picture of Pres. O?

Yvonne said...

I'm excited that you are going on a cruise to the Bahamas--I bet you can't wait.

I love teenagers, too. Miss being around them.

Wish everything wasn't so expensive, too.

The athletes are amazing--I was so touched by Lindsey Vonn when she won the downhill. She was so emotional.

I understand how tough it is to be away--I miss my kids/grandkids.

Cindy said...

I just hope you know your Obama pic is photo shopped. I'm not making any comment on the leadership (I'm Canadian, so it's not my place), but you can totally tell it's photo shopped and I just don't want you to think it's real. (You can tell by the light/shadows on the faces, and the way Obama's neck doesn't quite fit the head right).