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Monday, February 08, 2010


I finished "Undaunted" by Gerald Lund last night. It is the story of the Hole in the Rock pioneers, which I didn't know anything about previous to reading the book. I liked it. It didn't have the same power as "Fire of the Covenant" or the "Work and Glory" series but it was interesting and informative and I liked the story.

We have another snow day today. I am not sure why because the weather is lovely outside. There is a ton of snow but the roads are clear.

Had church at home yesterday. Also watched a fun movie, "Librarian, and the search for Judas Challis." It was cheesy but a perfect snowy day movie. Also went to the Ray's for Superbowl fun. It was very fun and relaxed. The kids all had a good time and it's always fun to visit with friends.

I wish I had paint. I am ready to put color into this house.
We have been having the kids work on workbooks to pass the time. Brother is working on his times tables, Lu likes to cut and glue best and finally, finally can rhyme. That took her a long time to get, I think because her speech is a little off it's hard for her to hear the rhymes but yea! after a year of trying she can do it:)


Yvonne said...

I never read "The Fire of the Covenant"--may have to read it. (I loved The Work and The Glory".

Did you ever think you'd have so many snow days????

The two old crows said...

You know I wondered about that when I first moved to Maryland. It seem funny to me, an ex school bus driver from Utah, that school would close down for an inch of snow.

But the longer I live in Maryland I can see why.

In talking to Stevie's bus driver before I left to come here to Utah, she was a nervous wreck because our roads were clear but her back roads still had a foot of snow and the windy, hilly, narrow roads she was going sideways.
They had not cleared the roads and she had more snow the next day.
Being a bus driver and driving on snow roads is not fun and the school is looking after the safety of the children.