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Monday, February 22, 2010

on being mom

sometimes it cracks me up. There are moments that are so sweet, and....

some that are not.

Last night we were watching the Olympics. Lucy was already tucked in bed and E and H were in bed with us. Out of the blue E said "tomorrow is Lu's 100th day of school, do you have her treat?" I had forgotten and was really glad he reminded me. It was so sweet of him to pay attention. First thing he said to me this morning was "don't forget the treat for Lu" (my boy knows me well :) )Sweet mommy moment.

This morning was a not so sweet one. Everyone was tired. A weekend to rest is a rare thing around here, usually it's a weekend to be crazy busy. Most of the time I like it that way, as is evidenced by the stir crazy feeling we had when we were snowed in. This weekend we had the dance on Friday night, that lasted late and was so fun!. Saturday we had a soccer game, a play date, a baptism to attend and bring treats to, and a ward adult dance that we all went to, Beloved and I had a fun night dancing and talking and eating. The kids went to the nursery where they had a great time playing and watching movies and snacking and sneaking into the gym to dance now and then. It was great! J went to a party with some friends, then brought a bunch of girls home to spend the night with her. Sunday was church, BYD and then a late dinner. By the time I went to bed I was tired from all the fun:) Lu collapsed in a crying heap (I feel bad when that happens~ she really is a go to bed on time girl) and S and J were in J's room laughing their heads off at something, I don't know what but they were there a long time so I know it was another late night for them., this morning everyone was tired and no one wanted to get up. J skipped seminary and when I got up to get the littles going I noticed she was still in bed and went to wake her up to catch the bus.

Then I went into the girls room. Lu was sitting up in the bed so I said good-morning! She said "no it's not!" When I inquired what was wrong she told me, in an angry voice, that she wanted her "G" to be purple with yellow polka dots, and that I ruined it and painted it wrong. Her "G" was made a couple YEARS ago at a birthday party for H where I got initials for all the girls and let them decorate them. Lu painted her own. I attached them to the girls beds after they were done and there they have hung for 2+ years. For no reason this morning she was so upset about it. She continued to be upset.

I woke up J up again and now she didn't want to go to school and was mad that I made her and didn't want to ride the bus with her violin. I did ask Beloved to drive her on the way to work, which he said he would, but then she wasn't ready so he left. (I ended up driving her) And, for the record, that was fine. Someone has to work and it's best that it's him. I like living a life of leisure but it doesn't pay as well as keeping our country safe and planes in the air (go figure).

I got H up, who never wakes up cheerfully. After she was ready her big melt down was about valentines. Her party is today. (dumb, I know) We bought Valentines way back when, which she lost or used up or played with over the snow storm. I bought her more when she went back to school and discovered that they were rescheduling the party. Which she opened up and kept laying around the kitchen counter for days until someone threw them away thinking they were trash. Which they did look like. Then this morning she was upset because she couldn't' find them, and it was my fault because I didn't give her a sharpie to write on them with (because clearly the only writing tool possible to use was a sharpie and we hide our weapons of furniture destruction and she never asked me for one but that is irrelevant) So I said, sorry you are upset, we need to go to school now though and there is no time to fix the problem. She stormed to the car (with her treat from the party BTW) and continued to be mad. I told her if she had not lost the first or second box she would have valentines today. Or if she told me yesterday we could have made construction paper valentines. However the minuts we need to walk out the door was not a time we could solve such a problem. That made no sense to her.
E, however, did have a perfectly pleasant morning. As did S. J was fine once I took her to school. Beloved was mad that he was late, however that wasn't my fault, he left when he wanted, which I was fine with.
Sometimes it's thankless.
Sometimes it's great.
Always it's being a mom.
And today my sweet visiting teachers came by and brought me those lovely flowers. What angels:)


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Monday Morning- 'nuf said

Nicole said...

Wow. You really summed that up really well. Oh the life of a mom. ;) YOu are an awesome example I hope you know!!!

Yvonne said...

Being a mom sometimes is a thankless job, but as you know, there are those days that make it all worthwhile. You handle it all so well.

Beautiful flowers.

Debby said...

At least there is only one Monday in a week. I hope tomorrow morning is better for you all.

David and Shelly said...

Your calm way of dealing with things is such a good example to me. I remember being grumpy most of my high school years. The grumpier I was the more I wanted love. I'm glad that the younger years are kind of practice years for learning how to be calm and hopefully they don't remember when we lose it.

The Texas Bakers said...

Haven't we all had Monday mornings like that? Sigh. But how wonderful to be able to be a SAHM, however thankless at times.