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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sidewalk side dining was a fun afternoon date for Beloved and I this weekend. Our downtown square is quite charming and we had a yummy lunch together. That day we also went to Brother's soccer game (they won~ and he scored!) and I went to the women's broadcast and dinner. It was wonderful. I very much enjoyed driving with some of the sisters in my ward and talking with them and sharing a meal and spiritual message. It was pouring rain but there was sunshine in our hearts :)
My list of things to do while Lu is at school hasn't been going quite like I planned. I decided to learn how to make jam and made these yummy grape jams the other day. It was really fun and I was happy to share some with the sisters I visit teach. I've been cooking and cleaning and the time just flies by! I do have a book idea...maybe, and I am planning on exercising more. I've been walking, I have also had a stuffy head and cough for a week or so and that makes it harder.

Snapped this picture this morning, it's getting cool in the morning and evening now.
Last weekend we took a lovely walk in the woods behind our house. The kids LOVED exploring.

I saw this cute square wreath on a blog and decided to make one. It was fun to do and came out nicely. Yeah for fall!


Dan-izie said...

ooo i love your fall decorations! i need to get my 'boo" blocks out

Yvonne said...

I bet your are enjoying all the beautiful colors.

Can't wait to hear more about the book.

Robin said...

You are quite amazing. Love your decorations. Tatum is so cute

I have a good life said...

That square wreath is so cute. How do you make it? I love it.