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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

funny kid stuff

My kids crack me up, almost every day. For example, yesterday we were eating dinner and Lu liked it, for a change. She kept asking for more "fish". Which I gave her. Guess what her favorite kind of fish is...pork chops :)

Also yesterday M and lil P came over after school to play while K registered for kindergarten. We were out on the porch and the boys were racing all of E's cars down the roller coaster ramp. One car went much faster and farther than the others, I don't have any idea why. Finally brother told me "I think 'speedy' is the fastest because his wheels are the shiniest black". Okay, I am not an engineer but my guess is that's not why. However I thought it was so cute that he was trying to figure out why and that's what he came up with.


Yvonne said...

Kids are such a crack up, aren't they.

Any news on the mission call???

Chel said...

I love it! Lu is so cute!

marcia said...

I think E was right Shiniest does = fastest

My Full Hands said...

So the next time you cook pork, you'll call it fish, right? My kids have taken to naming our dinner. If we are having pork we have to come up with a name for the pig it came from. Wierd.

utmommy said...

J calls everything chicken. Crazy kids.