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Thursday, May 22, 2008

summer's almost here

What are these two little cuties doing up at 10pm? Smashing pancakes into the couch and laughing.
We had book club at our house tonight. Mom was the host. The book was "the Poisonwood Bible", which I liked. We made cookies and had veggies and dip and fruit and a chocolate fountain and yummy punch. Not very many people came, Kathy and Mom and I. Then a little later Robin and Rachel and Haylee and Britt came. We had a good time sitting around the table and chatting about all kinds of things..including the book :)

Today was my last turn to bring snack to E's class. The theme of the week was night/day so I brought in Little Black Sambo to read (because they eat pancakes at the end and pancakes are what you eat when night changes to day). And the snack was pancakes. I was so pleased, I made a huge stack and then stuck them in my insulated cooler and they stayed warm! The kids were so thrilled and said they were the best pancakes ever:) They ran up and hugged me; which I loved.

H had a field trip today. She went to the wax museum.

Tonight J went to her friend Paiges' birthday sleep over. S went to see Indiana Jones 4, which she said was awesome with her friend Sherylyn. E had baseball, Papa took him and then DH met them. On the way home they stopped at Wal mart and bought Wii games with DH's gift card from his birthday. They came home, stopped at the table for snack and then escaped upstairs to try out the new games. H, who was sitting with us and listening went up to play too.

Yesterday I went to H's school to help at their "yeah we passed the taks carnival". My job was to take tickets at the dunking booth. Two hours and many splashes later I went home with a sunburn and wet pants, but it was fun.

Today was the last day of seminary for the year! Yeah. Early morning seminary is tough. I went for four years and I loved it but it was ear-ly.


Playful Professional said...

You liked Poisonwood Bible? It's one that I've heard I need to read and almost picked up a couple of days ago.

Yvonne said...

I have one more week of Seminary--you're right it is very ear-ly!!!!

You are such an awesome mom--your little E must be so tickled when you come to school to read to the class, and bring pancakes.

Bookclubs are great! (We usually spend more time chatting about other things, too ; )

nikko said...

Sounds like a great, fun, busy day.

I SO wanted to come to book club, but ended up at a cub scout meeting. Sorry. :o(

The Texas Bakers said...

Man, wish I would have known about book club! Not that I've ever come, but I have actually read that book before and loved it!