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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peace in the Chaos

Maggie is having a contest. Frankly I'd rather win pecans but this would be nice too ;)

Enter the first of five contests to win an autographed copy of Mudbound by Hillary Jordan!To play, look around your surroundings and create a name that best represents the ole homeplace. Hubby and I bat this pretentious tradition around quite a lot; lately, we have declared a stalemate over Weed Haven or Mole Rest.
When you decide, write a post about the new name and leave a link on Mister Linky. The drawing will be May 30! Here's your chance to put on airs and have fun!

Peace in the Chaos

We rented a cabin a few months ago called "Peace in the Woods". Which is was. It was very lovely. I would like to have that same feeling here in our own home...which is sometimes always a little chaotic. So we strive to find peace in the chaos, and sometimes do :)


____Maggie said...

I'm loving it! You seem like a person that likes the goings on and thrives in this atmosphere, but every once in a while I bet you crave a quiet cool library. If you do win the book, I think you will enjoy it. :)

Bookfool said...

Nice name. And, could I borrow your husband? Mine's also an engineer by day, but he's blackberry-addicted in the evenings and not the slightest bit handy.

Yvonne said...

I love that title--sounds like a perfect description.

Good luck with the contest.

Shauna6pack said...

I was thinking Peace of Chaos, playing off the piece/peace homophone...

Casa Pearl said...

That's a great name! Sounds like a wonderful retreat.