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Saturday, May 31, 2008

We had lots of friends over yesterday. After school Blaine came home with E. They played Mario Kart with DH and then swam.
My friends Angela and Good Life came over with their kiddos too and we had a fun time in the pool together. I love when people call to ask if they can swim. We always love the company and that is way no stress for me. If I call someone and ask them to come over I feel more pressure to be entertaining. I don't know why.
H got to have two friends spend the night. She chose her friend Payton from school and K. The girls got along so well. They swam, then came in and got ready to go to the movies. We ate pizza and then headed over to the dollar show to see "College Road Trip". The girls loved it. Payton cried and wanted to tell her dad she loved him (so we called). She was so sweet. I thought it was like a disney channel tween show that lasted an hour and a half instead of just half an hour but I didn't hate it, I expected that, and it was cute.

Mom and Dad left for Utah yesterday. They still haven't gotten their call so I guess I will be the lucky reader. We are sad to have them go. The five months they lived here went really fast. I will miss dad washing the dishes and mom folding the clothes :) but I will also miss their company. It's different when you share every day life with someone than when you are just visiting. Working together and spending down time together is meaningful and enjoyable. I love to visit with family that we don't see often and the vacationy fun time together is awesome, it's different than being together every day though.

One week of school left. We can't wait!


Shauna6pack said...

I grew up with my Grandma in the house and I can tell you it makes a HUGE impact on the lives of the kids to have generational roll models in the home. You and your children have been blessed to have them there (I don't have to tell you that). When it came to making choices as a teenager I more often thought, "What would Grammy say" than what my parents would say because parents are lame but grandparents are awesome!

Yvonne said...

When we lived in California and had a pool, I never minded when people wanted to come over and swim either. (I know what you mean about not feeling like you have to entertain ; )

I think it's so wonderful that you have had your folks with you. I bet you have enjoyed it and how fun for your children. (I can't wait to hear where they're going ; ) We lose a great Senior couple soon--we could sure use another!!!!

Enjoy the last week of school.

marcia said...

they say you can tell who you love by who you "waste" your time with They will be sooo missed

marcia said...

PS, did you get a pet pig?

txmommy said...

nope, but I'm glad we are the type of family that one might ask such a question of :)

We will miss them.

Maybe they'll go to Canada and you'll get to meet them!

I have a good life said...

Thanks for all the fun. K loved going and we all loved swimming. I will have to remember that I should just call....less pressure on you! :)

I agree that you definitely bond differently during every day life than a visit. You are very blessed with great parents and a very wise DH (I had the opportunity to be in the same meeting this afternoon!).