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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We harvest!!

Last night when H and DH were coming home from karate they made a stop at the garden and found veggies. That we grew!! Whoo Hoo!!

Of course the kids wanted to take pictures with the squash and zucchini.

I love their different approaches. First we have fanshionista and veggie companions.

Then we have veggies as weapons.

Finally we have a princess and her zuch!


Yvonne said...

Each of them is so different--the kids, not the vegetables ; )

Chel said...

Cute! I'm glad to see we are not the only ones that get excited about our very own veggie garden! Love it!

Chel said...

BTW- not sure if either of you care, but I wanted to invite you and "I have a good life" to my blog, but I don't know your email addresses!

You can email me at chell8 at gmail dot com, if you want. I enjoy both of your blogs so much and if you'd like to peek at mine, let me know! :) I won't take offense if you don't! :)

Lei said...

congrats on a fruitful garden!