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Saturday, May 17, 2008

in summary

H was invited to a fun birthday party yesterday. It was for her friend Ellie. She bought her a jewelry making kit and also a super cool shirt that she got a matching one to so they can be matchy at school.
The party was at the movie tavern and they got to eat pizza, while watching "Prince Caspian". She loved it and had the best time.

J went out with Sofia. They went to watch volleyball and then hung out and this morning went to the cheerleader's pancake fundraiser.

S went to her "boyfriend" Chris' house for dinner and movies with his fam. We get to meet him on Sunday. It's kind of weird having her like a boy, they are not serious but she is having fun.
Today she had to work at the clinic this morning and went to a life guard training inservice this afternoon. It's down town. She parked and then walked and then got lost and then called me on her cell and I got on the Internet and found where she was and where she wanted to be and "walked" with her telling her where to turn. What did we do before cell phones and the Internet??

While everyone was gone last night DH and I took the two little ones to McD. They loved it. Then we stopped by the Blacks and they got to help Rob gather eggs, which they thought was cool and they got to watch the buffalo pee, which the boys thought was cool. We came home and watched Indiana Jones, we're preparing for the new one coming out this week.
This morning we went to brother's baseball game.
The YMCA just stinks at sports, I'm am sorry to say but they are so ridiculous. They dumb the game down soooo much that it's not at all competitive or fun and even the players are bored. There are no outs, everyone runs, everyone gets a million hits. It's like batting practice with a lot of people standing around waiting. Painful! I understand the motive to make a non- threatening learning environment that is not solely focused on winning and athletic prowess and I am good with a point. It should be competitive without being full of pressure and the bad sportsmanship that you see in older players yes, but don't play down to the lowest common denominator so everyone is bored and hates baseball.

Went to the grocery store today, traded a kidney for a week's worth of food. Crazy!

DH and papa and Grandma and I are going to the temple this afternoon. J is babysitting for a bathing suit:) Whatever works.


____Maggie said...

Went to the grocery store today, traded a kidney for a week's worth of food. Crazy!

Is this where piece meal came from?!? Oh, a sliver of your liver for a tank of gas, too! :D

Yvonne said...

The baseball thing would drive me crazy. You want them to learn sportsmanship, but you also want them to learn the game and lessons about life. It's tough to always find the right balance with it, isn't it?

Grocery shopping truly is painful.

I'm so looking forward to Indiana Jones.

utmommy said...

I hate how much food is now. Crazy!