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Sunday, September 23, 2007

busy is our middle name

J had a great time! She came home covered with bug bites, very dirty, and full of fun stories. She took some fun photos so maybe they'll be up later.

Friday night we had a marathon Killer Bunnies Tournament. The game lasted over 3 hours. The kids had a great time playing while the grown-ups sat down to the serious business of bunny extermination. We ate "bunny food". It was fun.

Saturday was soccer and karate and a birthday party BBQ for Elijah and Justin, our friends who moved to Azle not long ago. It was the first time we went to their new home and they had tons of people over. Again the kiddos had so much fun running around outside, hitting the pinata and playing with friends.

Lucy told me Friday that she was too big for diapers and wanted underwear. I bought pull-ups and she stayed dry for two days!!!
This morning she woke up covered from head to toe in diarrhea (yuck) so I think today might not go as well but the good news is I think she's ready!
Brother is also complaining about a stomach ache and sore throat...I am prepared for round three of the creepy crud :(


Gabriela said...

I'm curious about Killer Bunny Tournement. ???

That's great about the diapers; sorry about return of the creepy crud!

Yvonne said...

I'm also curious about the Killer Bunny Tournament.

You sure have had your turn with the stomach and everything that goes along with it problems. Sorry.