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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

it's better I find out after

D&G had a fun labor day. She how they, with safety first and foremost on their minds, are wearing helmets and safety belts and pedalling slowly down paved roads with special bumpers on the side!? They are cuties! Hopefully they'll come visit for Christmas and we can find some exciting activities to do: like decorate gingerbread villages, watch Santa Clause (the trilogy) and play KB. I miss them and at the same time are so happy they are doing great and are happy. (no one told me motherhood causes split personality disorder)
Speaking of SPD, Brother is doing great at Kindergarten. He told me he is the best reader (read: only reader) in his class, they got to play on the playground today and he opened his juice box all by himself at lunch. I am so proud...and at the same time I miss having him here. He's so sweet and fun to have around.
H had a better day, we got a lot of work done, finally, she's enjoying our book on Louise May a lot and she and G play nicely together. She went to activity days this afternoon and had a lot of fun.
We had a little incident tonight. Brother was watching TV and H walked in and didn't like the volume he had chosen so she karate punched him in the gut. Which lead to much weeping and wailing and a girl sent to her room in her pajamas at 6pm. After a long while she felt bad and wrote a sorry note. I think we won't see any more of this. Self control is number one in the class and while I like the group thing for them to do, and the confidence it gives her hitting her brother is not okay.


Mel said...

Now that you mentioned SPD it explains everything:)

Glad E is enjoying Kindergarten.

Too bad about the karate punch. We have stuff like that going on here all the time:(

Amanda said...

At least their eyes were protected! ;)

I understand the SPD in motherhood. So many bittersweet moments!

Rachel said...

I miss D too... She looks so cute though!