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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all

It's starting to feel more fallish around here. When we went to Sherry's house Friday night she had her fall decorations out and her house looked very pretty and very seasonal.

Then yesterday when we were at soccer there was a slight breeze and I didn't feel sweaty (a sure sign summer is coming to an end).

And then last night at dinner groups they served apple pie ice cream, which seems like a very fallish flavor.

When we were at the library yesterday I checked out a pumpkin cook book. It has lots of yummy sounding recipes that will be so fun to try.

So, happy arrival of Fall!...that makes me happy it's one of my favorite seasons. (the other two being winter and summer, spring is last~ I don't know why)

Today is also Sunday, a favorite day. Today I have a dilemma. Brother woke up not feeling well. He has a sore throat and I think maybe a little fever. I will have to take his temp to be sure. If he has one he'll have to stay home and then we always have the problem of who will stay with him. If I stay I have to find a sub for my class, and I have to find some one else to give the young women their "yw in excellence is coming up~ get ready speech" and Lucy wont get to go and she's been dying to wear her new purple church dress that grandma bought her all week. If DH stays home he won't pick up the house and I would if I did. So clearly you can see the conflict. Maybe he won't have a fever.

Dinner groups was very fun. We went to David and Caroline's and their new house is very nice so that was fun to see. They also had several couples come that we didn't know very well so it was fun to get have a chance to visit with them. Kayla played her oboe for us and sounded so pretty. I hope all the groups had fun.


I have a good life said...

Oh my! I am so sorry...he probably caught something from LD when he was here! :( The boys had a blast, but maybe he took something funky home. So sorry! :(

Joyismygoal said...

I am glad it was good do you need aSS sub?

nikko said...

Yay for fall coming! Sorry that brother wasn't feeling well. He was acting pretty normal in Primary! I visited their (E and K's) class and it was rowdy!