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Monday, September 17, 2007

I am mortified

I have, accidentally but still, done the most horrible thing. And now I am so embarrassed.
I am the ward party princess, a calling I don't love.
In July we had a breakfast/bike parade planned for the fourth. Unfortunately there was a scheduling mishap and another ward had the same plan. We both found out about it on Sunday, the fourth being a Tuesday. Well I worked with the other activities chairman and it turned out okay, not great, but not bad.

As a result we wanted to check our dates for the rest of the year and make sure we wouldn't have any more conflicts.

Well, that resulted in several e-mails back and forth, giving dates and times and places and information. I was asked for more details several times (which was new to me) but kept giving it.

Finally we got an e-mail for the building coordinator in BIG RED LETTERS asking for more specifics on the dates we wanted. And I wrote a smartmouthly reply to David (who is in our ward and working with me on this) but accidentally sent it to Sis. H. YIKES!

this is what I wrote to David, but sent to her.

My goodness but she’s a bit of a pain in the neck. We need all the room, we don’t want anyone else in the building during that time. Just kidding.
Let me think for a minute and I’ll send you a reply with rooms needed.
Is our conference pot luck okay because I need to start advertising that.
Thanks so much!!

this is what she sent back to me.
sent: Sunday, September 16, 2007 1:57 RE: ward activities reply Pain or no pain that is the question... As with all members of each ward. It is best to go through your building scheduler. This way the proper persons our kept informed. I will get back to Bro M as to the request made. I have already confirmed some of them
Sis H

then I wrote this, with a very red face and feeling ridiculous for not checking and mean for saying it in the first place.

Oh NO!!!
I am mortified, I am SOOOO sorry. I thought I was sending this to David, and we joke all the time. I didn’t mean anything by it. I am just trying to get our dates set up and it seems to be taking a bit of time and being a little difficult. We had that big mix up at our last activity and everyone is just trying to get things lined up without mishap for the future.

Again I am really really sorry!!

she nicely wrote back today:

Yes i understand. That is the bad thing about emails because they can so easily be forwarded.I try to have a protocol just to keep things all straight. And even I have my mistakes

Sis H

lesson: don't say anything mean and

double check when you send out an email.


Tori :) said...

OMGosh!! Embarrassing!
I've been there. I sent a snippy email about Sei's aunts to his cousin... so I thought. I actually sent it to one of the aunts. No wonder they don't like me.

attack of The Mouse said...

wow. I'm sorry. I can feel your pain. I just asked a woman a few weeks ago, who was full on wearing a maturnity shirt, and filled it out very well, when she was due. Yeah you guessed it she was NOT pregnant. What an idiot I am. I've feel so bad, I 've wanted to blog about it, but I feel like such a dork I just can't even. Maybe after your post I will blog it.

Yvonne said...

Nice recovery. I have always worried that I was going to do something similar. I'll have to make sure I ALWAYS double check before I click send.

Mel said...

I'm sorry... at least she was a good sport about it:) Good luck scheduling your building. I know that it's a real "pain" to get ours scheduled too because we have four wards in the building.

Joyismygoal said...

ooh boysounds like something i would do

Gabriela said...

So sorry-I HATE that feeling when you realize what you just did. Makes your blood run cold.

I've done it several times and haven't learned my lesson yet!!!

Lammy said...

"Party Princess"???
Never heard of that calling!