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Thursday, September 13, 2007

day in and day out

A few days have passed and even though we have had some great photo ops I am without camera. DH has asked me not to use his because it might break (whatever) so I won't. This morning H picked flowers and stuck them in Lucy's braid. It looked very cute. Can't you just see it in your minds eye?

S is home sick. She and J went to YW last night. They went boating and tubing. J had a great time, S had fun but didn't feel well. This morning J came and told me she needed a ride to seminary so I got up and took her and Emma. It was fun to sit and visit with Deana. Not fun enough to want to do it again tomorrow, but you know fun for 6 am-hair a mess- visiting in the foyer.

D has a new calling. Cub scouts. She'll be fun, maybe she's going to have 6 sons and needs the experience :)

Brother is liking K a lot. Yesterday he had cute homework. We made an opposite book.

Homeschooling is going well, some days. We've had some really good days. I got a new curriculum this last weekend, and while H doesn't love it she will do it and doesn't hate it. We are almost done with our book about Louise May Alcott. When we finish we are going to watch "Little Women". Then we'll chose our next historical text and move on from there. We still don't get done a lot of what I think we should each day. I don't know if that means I am expecting too much or if we are still getting up to speed or if she needs to cooperate more or all of the above.

I am helping Alicia get ready for You Women In Excellence in November. I am excited, it will be a fun night.

H goes riding today! The highlight of her week.

G's obsession with all things purple continues.

Dinner groups is this weekend, I hope everyone will have a fun time.

Tonight is soccer practice and I need to make a snack schedule to hand out.

We've been looking at cruises. We had a Mediterranean cruise all planned out and were ready to go and exited. But we realized that the sad fact is it just doesn't fit our budget. And we couldn't justify the expense. I talked with my brother and sister and they decided to switch with us, which I was very glad about. Now we are looking at Caribbean Cruises. That will cost us thousands less, it's not as fabulous sounding but how bad can a cruise to a warm tropical place be? Anyway I guess we'll be settling on one soon.


Yvonne said...

You have such a busy life. Good for you driving to Seminary--I have parents that won't get up and drive their kids who want to go because it's too early???

Good luck with the YW in Excellence. I always love that.

A Caribbean Cruise in the middle of winter sounds wonderful.

nikko said...

Any cruise sounds wonderful to me. :o)

Glad E is enjoying Kindergarten. K is still asking to play with him and I have to remind him that E is at school.

Sorry S is sick! That is no fun.

I am looking forward to dinner groups!

I have a good life said...

Two dates in one weekend! AWESOME! You'll have to let me know if y'all find a good deal on a cruise. We are looking for one to give our family for Christmas. We just have too much "junk" and it's time to make some more memories! :)