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Sunday, December 21, 2008


All these pictures were taken by my friend Joy, not her real name, but her blogger one, however it fits her so well so even now when her secret identity is no longer secret I love to call her that. She is full of joy, and she brings so much joy to her friends and family and to me. Thank you.

Last night we went caroling with the missionaries and several other families. It was a really cold, but fun time. We almost didn't make it. About an hour before we were supposed to go I was taking J to a party and she was driving, well she drove, rather quickly, into S's car. Ripped the front end off and sent it scooting three feet down the driveway. Not a happy start to the evening. She went running in to tell S "sorry, sorry sorry!!!". S was, understandably, not happy. So there was a while of commotion and sadness. Finally S, who was going to come with us, didn't; and J who was not going to did and we got out the door about 10 minutes late. However our friends graciously waited and we were underway.
Once we got started we realized it was super cold. Lucy told me her hands were cold. Before we left the house I asked her if she wanted her mittens, which she did not. Now she was looking longingly at mine. I asked her if she wanted my gloves. She shyly said yes, but won't your hands be cold momma? I told her they wouldn't and she happily stuck them on and trudge along with us the whole night with not a single complaint.

We went up and down two streets, knocked on doors, sang some songs. The Elders left a short message with anyone who was interested and they placed 5 Books of Mormon (Book of Mormon's?) There was a sweet spirit and lots of giggling and stamping of cold feet.

After we stopped at Joy's for hot chocolate and popcorn and a few minutes of visiting that warmed our bellies and our hearts.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

You are so sweet and it was so fun

Yvonne said...

I'm envious--looks like such fun.

Sorry about the car problem--never fun.

Natalie said...

Looks like so much fun. You are great missionaries! Our missionaries are going caroling tonight.
I am so grateful that noone was hurt in the car mishap. I've read too many tragic stories about cars backing up. I am sooooooo grateful.