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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

heigh ho, heigh's off to work we go

We have been cleaning. And painting, and throwing stuff away and wiping and scrapping and vacuuming and dusting and trying to get everything to say "buy me". There is pretty much nothing fun about moving.

let's see: good things about moving

Great job opportunity for Beloved
Closer to Nana and Abba
an interesting part of the country to see

not so good:
it's expensive
lots of work
we have to try and sell our house
lots of work
we have to try and find something to buy that is affordable
lots of work
we like it here
we will miss our pool
lots of work
we will miss our friends
we know where everything is and where to go and do and be and eat
it's even farther from stinkin Utah
lots of work

but most of all we'll miss our friends. It takes a long time to make old friends and we have great ones here. Friends we can call and say "hey come over and look over our stuff and tell us what looks like a cluttery mess" and they come, and we complain that whole time they tell us...but they still like us and we still like them. Friends we can call and say "hey can H (or E or G or whoever) come over and play, they are lonely and we are busy cleaning" and they are happy to have them. I will miss our good friends.

BTW, I am not sad we're moving, just tired of the decluttering and stress and worry about the move.

Everyone has been working hard, which is nice. The only thing that's not working is our desk top which sadly bit the dust :(


Natalie said...

Moving is a pain. How well I know that. I wish I was there to help and to watch the kids or to just play with them.
Try to be online tomorrow so that we can chat.
Happy New Year.
Love n' hugs

utmommy said...

Moving is such a pain.

I wish you were moving closer to Utah, not farther away. Dang it!

Yvonne said...

I'm glad you'll still be there in May when I come for my grandson's wedding.

Moving is hard but it's always an adventure.

Happy 2009.

Robin said...

We will so miss you guys.

I have a good life said...

We will miss you so stinkin' much. You can't beat a family that has one of my closest friends, C's closest friend, and one of K's closest friends. It just isn't fair that we have to say good-bye! :( But, we were so lucky to spend these 6 years as friends. How lucky we are! :)

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

You will be greatly missed. Luckily it's not for many more months. Or are you hoping asap?