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Monday, December 15, 2008

why my life as a mother is like a fairy tale.

The children's new beds are either too hard or too soft, but my crowded old bed is just right.

The kids will eat neon green froot leather but act like I am serving them poison if I give them a fresh apple.

When I come home in the evening I am greeted by a house full of little people, one of them grumpy, one sleepy, one...

saw this, or something darn close to it, in the doctor's office today. I hurt my shoulder on Friday, I don't know how, and it still REALLY hurts today. So I went to see my doctor who thinks it's a pulled muscle and prescribed a muscle relaxant and vicodan. I guess I'll sleep well tonight.

Hopefully it will help. Today Lu was supposed to have a gingerbread decorating party and I had to cancel it, very sadly. I do not have time to have something hurt.


Holly Knackstedt said...

so sorry least you got some good thing my husband isnt good for yet! Feel better!

Cheri said...

Feel better- pulled muscles can be really painful.

Yvonne said...

I'm sorry about the pulled muscle. Having things like that happen this time of year are a pain--in more ways than one.

Oh, the life of a mother ; )

allison nadauld said...

That's funny. Sorry to hear about your injury. Get better soon because we all know that princesses are far too important to holding the story together.