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Monday, December 15, 2008


Another snowy Ohio Christmas. Nana and Abba keep telling us it doesn't really snow there at Christmas but when we've been there it has. I guess we are good luck :) H was very intently telling Grandma B something, while Grandma lovingly held H's new twin dollies.

S never wants me to take her picture.

The whole gang Christmas morning with Abba, Nana, & Uncle Brian.
This was the Christmas that Beloved got a horrible, horrible flu. Then we came home and the rest of us all had it. S was so sick she fainted in the bathroom. We were all sick at the same time, except some how little brother got spared. It was awful awful awful. Ugh!

Christmas was wonderful but what I remember most is the throw up fest that followed.


Yvonne said...

Maybe one day the "throw up fest" will be forgotten ; )

allison nadauld said...

I love all these pictures and memories, except maybe the whole sick thing. Could you send me Dani's, Val's, Anna's, and Andrea's addresses? Here's my email THANKS!