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Thursday, December 25, 2008

For the Grandma's who couldn't be with us this year:

Christmas morning dawned bright and early for us this year. Brother came hopping into our room at 4:45ish ready to open presents. I pulled him in under the covers and thankfully he slept a little longer. Finally they couldn't wait any longer and the festivities began. After stockings and waking up the teens we gathered around the tree and began opening.
The littles were so cute. They each had made gifts for me and wanted those opened first. Lucy made cute ornaments out of applesauce and glue and cinnamon (she told me) and a darling dish towel with her hand and feet prints on it. Brother also made an ornament and H made covered coat hangers. They were very excited to give them :)

Then they were VERY excited to open theirs. Santa brought this cool train that has really smoke coming out of it. (see how it's dark out of the window, not sunrise yet, technically not even morning)

Brother's favs of the year were his make it your self light saber kit, his star wars unleashed for the Wii and the train.

Christmas baby got a lap top. She was so cute and surprised. J had gotten a new nice jewelry box for her birthday , and a few gifts before this I had opened a new jewelry box so when a square package came her way she said "here comes my jewelry box" Then she got the wrapping off and realized it wasn't...but what was it??? "Oh my heck, what it is!!" were her exact words. The perfect gift for a girl getting ready to go to college in the fall!!

We had good time opening gifts and then playing with them all day. Besides Lu's babies she loved her Dora colorforms best. They were a hit. H got lots of craft kits and kept busy trying some and planning on the others.

J got a Sims game and had to take turns with Brother on the Wii. Also clothes and books and GCs.
We were all spoiled.

H in her new pink sparring gear.
Tonight H, S, J and I went to see Marley and Me. It was good and so sad. I cried and we came home and hugged Millie.

We got to talk with everyone in the family on the phone, so fun! and spent the day relaxing enjoying each other company and playing with our new toys. Does it get any better?


marcia@joyismygoal said...

such a fun day-- we slept in till 8 not having littles is not so fun

Yvonne said...

Sounds like Santa was good to all of you ; )

(I don't miss those days of having to get up so early because of excited little ones--at least we didn't have to get going until 7:00)