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Saturday, December 27, 2008

a tale of two movies

Much of this Christmas holiday is being spent on "getting the house ready". Not so fun, but has to be done. We are smattering some fun here and there. Christmas itself was a delight. So far, between de cluttering, and painting and boxing stuff up and hanging new blinds and new windows (to replace the three brother has broken) we have also been to the movies twice.
We had planned to go on Christmas day. As the actual day unfolded we found that we were having too much fun to pack up and head out. Sometime between a slice of ham and a bite of jell-o it was decided that Beloved would stay home that night with Lucy and Brother and the bigger girls and I would go to a later show. We saw Marley and Me. (side note: when we got home, at almost 10, B2 were up to their eyeballs in a light saber duel that was both fierce and long) It was a good movie, I was very glad we didn't take the younger two because it was SO sad, and really not just the story of a dog, but the story of a marriage and a family. I liked it a lot. I cried. We came home and hugged Millie, our own clearance dog (we got her for a mere $100 because she had ringworm on her head) Our friend Warren always laughed at us because our bargain $100 dog ended up costing $3000 in a fence to put around the yard, $1000 to man's best friend (where she did graduate) and countless dollars in chewed up beds, couch cushion, back door, stairwell, toys, shoes and various and sundry items. I had to laugh at the scene where Marley takes the diaper from the table remembering the summer V was here and Lu pooped in her high chair. While we were cleaning the mess off her in the tub Millie took care of the chair, which caused MSV to do the throw up dance and run outside screaming in grossness!! LOL
The next day after our designated chores we took the three littles to see "Bedtime Stories", which I also enjoyed. Going to the movies with them is not a relaxing experience however. I made Lu promise to be good (she has only just started to go to movies with us) and she solemnly swore. We sat down and I got popcorn (our secret weapon to keep kids quiet and still ) and passed it out. Brother took his spot on Beloved's lap and everyone was settled into their seats. That lasted 5 minutes. Lu hopped up for a refill of her cup, and a sip of soda and to smash the seat in front of her. Then she was good. For another 5. Repeat, again and again. H had the sniffles and kicked the seat in front of her several times and slllurrrrpppped loudly until I told her she couldn't drink. Then she had to pee. Meanwhile yoyo was up and down up and down. I finally put her on my lap, where her legs could just reach the seat in front of me and she could tap tap tap it with her toes. Then she sat sideways and "whispered in my ear" then spilled soda down my shirt and hers. Then crunched the ice and wrapped her icy fingers around my neck. She was having a lovely time and wanted to let me know. "MOM, THIS IS FUNNY", "MOMMMMM I WUW YOU!!!" she whispered. Right.
Finally the movie was over, and it was funny, and we walked outside bounced out the door where Lu said "Mom I was so good, right mom?" Yep I answered and she totally missed the sarcasm and said "I learned to be good at the movies, that's happy huh mom?!?!! and was so bouncy and delighted with herself that I had to say yes.


Natalie said...

I LOL reading your post. I can just imagine each and every scene. Little Lu is adoraable and so good so of course she was good at the movies too.:)
I love you all.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

That was so fun to read what a hoot i am w/ YSV on the throw up dance tho once at the park Z was a 3 Yr Old while coughing threw up in his hand and our neighbors dog took care of the clean up for us too-- Lu was SO good at the movies LOL

Anna said...

Marley - Sooo sad. But I loved it. I couldn't believe that the ENTIRE theatre was sniffling. I loved it.

Bedtime Stories - ROFLOL! I can just imagine Lu. We used to take Jacob with us to the late show so he would sleep through the entire thing. People looked at us like we were crazy, but it totally worked!

Yvonne said...

Well, now I have to go and see those two movies.

Love your description of going to the movies with the little ones--too funny. (Brings back memories ; )

I hope you get your house ready--not the most fun thing in the world to do.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

We went to Marley last night and I liked it too, I'm surprised it was only PG though and glad I didn't take the kids. . .it was a sweet PRO-FAMILY story that you don't find much now adays. We went to Desperaux with the kids and I think we'd have liked Bedtime Stories better. We also have been to Seven Pounds and Valyrie and loved them both, so if you get a chance to do date night at the movies either one is great. I loved your description of movies with Lu, she is so cute and I know exactly how that goes. . . I usually stay home for movies with the kids because it drives me crazy, but ALL of mine are finally old enough to sit quitely. . . YAY!