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Monday, December 22, 2008


We spent the day working on the house and finishing Christmas shopping it was a busy day. S and J did manage to find some time to go bowling, but in general we spent the day checking things off our to do list. Tonight as a reward, and as a special FHE, and as a gift from Grandma and Papa (this is what we spent our Christmas money on~ thanks! ) we decided to go to ICE and then out to dinner.
It was neat. The sculptures were awesome and larger than life. That part was really neat. It was freezing 9 degrees, but with the big parkas it wasn't too bad. Our lips did get chapped from the cold.
It was also SOOO crowded. I felt like a huge penguin in a huge mass of penguins trying to waddle through the frozen landscape. It was literally a sea of blue, and a pressing mass of humanity where ever we went. I had to grab ahold of Lu's jacket and she kept twisting away and complaining.
J went last week and said it was nothing like that.
So: neat, glad I went, stressful, and way too many people.

On the way home we stopped at Kincaids for burgers, and I have to say, after 10 years of hearing how they are the best burgers around I finally tried one and I was not disappointed. They were most delicious.
It is cold, not as cold as Utah I know, but still really cold. The last two days we've had to break the ice up off the top of poor Renaldo's water bucket. Now that is cold.


Anna said...

How cool!

So, how do the burgers compare to In-n-out, fat burger, sonic, etc. I need to know. :)

The Wendler Family said...

I love that you are all matching in your blue suits! :) Looks cold. There is nothing like a good burger.

The Pollards said...

We love your matching parkas!!

Yvonne said...

Looks like a fun place to visit. Those kinds of places are much more fun when they're not quite so crowded, eh???

Glad the burgers weren't a disappointment ; )

I have a good life said...

How fun! :) I am glad you got to go, too! :) Looks like a wonderful time!

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

That looks like sooo much fun. I mentioned it to Brian and he didn't agree. I'll need to work on him. Maybe next year.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, so did you buy matching parkas or did you get them at the ice festival, like coat rentals or something!? Is it even cold enough in Texas for parkas? They must be rentals?!