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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mrs Bennett is alive and well...

and she's me :)
Today brother had the scripture and prayer for primary. After I went to hear him I went to teach my class. As soon as I walked in the door J said "we need to invite the missionaries to dinner".
Okay. We do all the time anyway.
and we'll come to help, chimed in several others.
Is the new missionary hawt?
Giggle giggle.
We started the lesson and in came S, who is not in my class. Mom, she interrupted, We need to invite the missionaries to dinner.
Okay, got it, he's really cute.
Then I walked into our combined priesthood/RS meeting where I told this funny story to my friend. Who said Yep, he's not hard to look at.
Now I was curious.
Then I saw him, and yep he's pretty stinkin cute.
After church was over I had two girls linking arms on either side of me. "Did you sign up?"

I didn't actually see the sign ups so I suggested we go ask them if they have empty days. We walked up, sort of normally, and said Hi and I asked and Elder Ingalls said he'd check. Then Elder Stinkin Cute said Hi I'm Elder SC. I'm Sister U, and these are my daughters (cue 19th century English dance music) S and J.
Then we normally-ish left and in the car laughed about how I was Mrs Bennett and he was the handsome new Darcy.
We made it to the car and home when S said "J, when the Elders come to dinner you do the snake dance so I can be the normal one". (Bride and Prejudice) which totally cracked me up and has left me with giggles every time I think of it since.
Oh, I remember fondly the days of my youth when we'd have a cute Elder from time to time. It was a most harmless distraction.
We girls would walk by and say "hi" (giggle giggle).
Then go to the bathroom and talk about how cute he was.
End of story.

Dutch Oven Fun

We brought our dutch ovens with us to try out. We had planned a dinner and a dessert but due to rain and time constraints we only did the dessert. A peach cobbler. It was yummy.

I want to do more in the oven. What I'd really like to do is a back yard dutch oven social and have friends bring dishes to cook that they like and are successful so I can see how they do it.
Anyone game?

Beaver's Bend OK

This was our second time to rent a cabin in OK. It was very fun. We had a fire pit where we made smores and watched the flames.

We went on hikes. One morning Beloved and J got up early and did a long hike. J kicked "butt" and Beloved kept up :) One morning it was raining so only the littles wanted to go out.

They have a nice play ground, a wonderful nature center and many nice paths and places to climb and run and fish.

Thanksgiving dinner was yummy. We made a turkey and jello and potatoes and pie, the usual. It was tasty and fun to eat out in the woods.

One afternoon, while it was raining, we went to see Bolt. The theater was tiny and only $3 a person! Whoo hoo :) I like living in a bigger town, I have to say.

It was a very relaxing week. We had lots of time to rest and read and visit with each other and sleep.

This is funny, we were driving back to our cabin one afternoon and we saw Seth and Luke Whitworth, hiking along the road. It's a small world. We didnt' think to ask which cabin they were staying in. It would have been fun to pop in and say hi.

The hot tub was a favorite of all.
It was a two thumbs up vacation :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


We're back from our very fun trip. Will blog about that tomorrow. Meanwhile, tonight Beloved and I took H out on a special Christmas date to see the Nutcracker. We loved it. She loved it. The costumes were gorgeous and the dancing so fun. After we went to Braums.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

grateful for things I know.

The morning of Thanksgiving eve. Lots to do, but we're not in a hurry to do it. This morning brother and Lucy crawled into bed to share the warmth of covers that are toasty and comfy, especially so in the morning. We watched "Wonder Pets", well they did, Beloved and I slept on. Bliss.

Slowly we rose to meet the day. S left for an appointment, Beloved and J are off to feed Renaldo, get some ice and briquettes, the littles and I are hauling down the suitcases and finished making beds. We have a late departure time for our holiday stay in a cabin. Everyone is excited. We did laundry and bought groceries yesterday. Today we have to load the car and find room for a thawing Tom somewhere :)

I am grateful for a happy family, healthy bodies, food to eat, a fun activity planned. I am grateful the my extended family is also happy and healthy and meeting together in various parts of the country to share the day. A group in Ohio, and a couple in CA. Idaho and Utah too. Everyone has a plan. I wish we were all together but am glad that if we can't be we can chat on the phone and share a moment together. I am looking forward to cooking in the woods, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, sitting in the hot tub :)

Before we go we have sad business to attend to. On Friday one of J's friends was killed in a car accident. It was after school, between 4-5, making the bend on Boat Club in front of the YMCA. Two cars collided, one boy's life ended. His funeral is today at 1. I feel sad for the family. Sad for his friends. He was a nice boy and kind. He stayed friends with J when she felt she had few.

It's a poignant reminder that we don't know. We don't know how much time we have here on earth, how long to enjoy a friend's company or a sister's smile. We don't know what this day will bring, let alone tomorrow. I am grateful that we do know that Families are Forever. That God loves us and has a plan for our lives. That the Saviour atoned for our sins so we can live forever. I am grateful that we know that after this life there is more and it will be wonderful and we will see our loved ones again. What tremendous blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving. Be Safe.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

object lesson

Last night we had the missionaires over for dinner. Also Amanda was with us playing with H. After dinner they had a cute lesson for us on repentance.

They had asked us to have a hard boiled egg and a gatorade bottle ready. So they took the egg and drew a face on it and talked about all the things that people do wrong and made little marks on the egg for each one. Then the tried to let the egg into "heaven" (the jar). It didn't fit. Then they talked about repentance and how to do it and slowly peeled the egg, baptized it by immersion (in a bowl of water) and then came them baptism of fire...which you see in the clip. They kids were very impressed and it was a fun night.

and this.

last night after FHE and the kids were tucked in bed Beloved and I went to see "twilight". Loved it again.

Then we came home and watched TV for a while and knitted. I made this. I love the multicolor strips. I'm going to do a matching one for H and maybe put a great big flower on hers. That'll be cute I think.

Monday, November 24, 2008

i made this!

Nana bought this really cute knitting loom for H. She's been knitting on it and really likes it. Last night H, J and I were on my bed watching The Amazing Race and then The Guardian and I decided to pick it up and give it a try. I made this super cute and wazy (way easy) hat for Lucy. J started working on a scarf and H on a surprise for Abba (maybe it'll be a golf club cozy~ I'm not sure ;) )We knitted and watched and sat together happily. It was lovely. Now J wants a mom made hat, as does brother ~so I'm game. Finally a craft that is easy enough for me and that I can finish during one and a half TV shows!!
This morning is the first of our "vacation". I slept in until 7:30! Whoo hoo! Beloved and J were out the door at o'dark thirty to meet the crew for some hiking. S decided she didn't have shoes and went to spend the night with a friend. Now the kids are crawling out of bed so it's time to get out the waffle iron and start our week right :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday J had a swim meet. Tori and Emma and I went. It was fun. Sort of. Swimming has been tainted for us.
Even though this is my online journal I know I write a lot more often about the littler kids than the big ones. The reason why is they are teens, and have their own lives (to an extent) and I want to respect their privacy and keep their confidences. I write things that I know they won't mind, and they all read my blog so believe me I'd hear about it if a judge wrong.

I have J's permission to tell the swim saga though.
It really started back in the spring. J tried out for, and was unfairly not chosen for the drill team. Did I write about that? I don't remember. Anyway, when she didn't make it she wanted to do something else and talked about a lot of different things. One thing she really wanted to try was swim team. We told her no because they meet at 6:15 and go to practice. This is the same time as seminary and seminary is a priority. When fall rolled around we discovered that this year, unlike previous years, the youth would be allowed to do home study seminary during their sports season and then go back into class when they are off season. This seemed like a good solution and with a little trouble we were able to arrange her schedule so she was on swim team.
She did well. Even though she hasn't been on a team before, and hasn't taken lessons, except for baby bubble blowing when she was small, she is fast and a natural at it. She was having fun swimming and the team was doing really well.
One morning, several weeks ago they were riding on the bus back to the school and J, who had been eating crackers on the bus, asked her friend for a drink of her soda. Now, J knows not to drink from someone else at a party or a dance (in fact she knows not to put her own drink down and come back to it after and drink again), but at 8am she wasn't thinking it would matter and shared her drink. It made her throat burn and eyes water so she said what is wrong with this soda? Her friend laughed and told her it had vodka in it. J turned to the girl sitting behind her and asked for some of hers and after she drank it she found out it also had vodka. Several of the girls had vodka in their drinks and were drinking and acting silly on the bus. J didn't drink any after she knew but she stayed by them and didn't say anything to the coach.
At 6th period she got called to the office. Some of the other kids on the team told the coach and the girls were in trouble ( as they should be) The other three, and J, all independently said that J didn't know. She was suspended for a day while they "thought about it" and then was allowed to come back to school. Those three girls are now at alternative school. J's coach was so upset and suspended her from swimming in the next two meets. Not because she drank, he believed her that she didn't know; but because she didn't move or tell him.
This was a very hard thing for J. She ended up loosing a lot of friends over it. When she went back to school everyone was mad at her for not being sent to alternative school as well. Before this she has had to stand up several times this year and defend the church at school as students have come with wrong information and ideas and there is, I think for the first time that I've encountered this strongly, a very negative image about Mormons. Maybe it's prop 8, or maybe it's just the social climate now. This added fuel to the fire in her situation though as the other kids have been angry at her and have said "Mormon's think they're so good" and "you're lying, you knew" kinds of things. Even the administration, when I went in to get her and to talk with them told me that she came flat out and said "I'm Mormon and we don't drink. I would not go against what I know is right" but despite her conviction they said that you can't tell kids will say anything to keep out of trouble. The next few weeks of school were really hard. Many kids were talking about her and mad at her. She really felt alone. I do have to say that she was not. She has a couple really good girl fiends who have stuck by her no matter what; even to the point of not going to birthday parties that J was now not going to and hanging out with her instead. And defending her in all ways. And she has her church friends of course. But she felt alone.
Now she can swim again. The meet went fine. This past week more of the team was kicked off (I don't know what for), and some had bad grades, and some didn't have qualifying times, so by the time they got to swim yesterday they were down to 10 kids who could go. This is tough for a team to face as they dwindle and see friends not able to swim. I really feel for them and for the coach. Sheesh.
I don't know how all the scoring ended but we didn't do stellar, and we weren't the worst.
Now she knows who her true friends are, although she says she'd rather be ignorant and think that everyone was. She's also made some new friends. As soon as the semester is over she's switching to a different class and going back to seminary, where she now wants to be more than ever.
I think there were some valuable lessons learned. First for me and Beloved, no more skipping seminary, even for a short time. That strength and fortification are absolutely necessary and it's not worth the trials we willingly bring on our selves to not go.
Second, it is so important to not only do the right thing yourself but to be with people who are also doing the right thing. You can get in trouble just be being with others who are doing wrong.
J will tell you this too. She says she wishes she just moved even if they would have gotten mad. That would have been taking a stand against what they were doing, instead of condoning it with silence. This is tough, I know it is. I know she will next time.

There have been many difficult consequences from this choice J's friends made. For them, they are very severe. For J and the other kids on the team they are pretty severe as well. I wish it was easier to see the long term out come that results from seemingly small choices. J chose to sit where she was, even though she didn't drink...and look what happened. We need to be so wise in our choices. It's not fair, but hopefully now she knows the importance of every choice we make.
Last Sunday we went to a great fireside by Jenny Phillips. One story she told really struck me. She told the story about herself as a teenager. There was a TV show that everyone watched, but it wasn't a good show. She wanted to watch the show too but her mom told her no. One night her mom wasn't home so she turned it on. Her mom came home and she figured her mom would make her turn it off but she didn't, her mom sat down beside her and watched with her. She said she began to feel so uncomfortable. Finally, unable to take the pressure, they talked about it and her mom asked her to imagine a line. One side is with Heavenly Father, the other with the adversary. She then asked her which side of the line she was on when she was watching. The Lord's side or the adversary? When Jenny tried to tell her mom its not a big deal..its just a show her mom asked again which side of the line are you on...the Lord's or the adversary. I think this is so profound. We can not be on both sides of the line, ever. We have to choose in every instance where we stand.

I have thought about this since. Having teenagers we face many situations, almost daily, that have a huge impact on their futures. They are making choices all the time that will affect who they are and their future happiness, as well as today's happiness. I am proud of J for deciding not to drink, for standing up for the things she knows is right many many times. For being the only one in a modest dress, or the only one with a curfew, or the only one who doesn't date (yet...3 more blissful dateless weeks for me). I am sad that she was the one who everyone is mad at this time, even though she is the one whose free agency was taken from her as her "friends" decided to give her a drink, without her knowledge. I know she will be stronger for this. That said, there was a choice she made that put her on the wrong side of the line. It was not an act of commission but one of omission. She could have stood up and moved. When she didn't her inaction said "this is okay", when it wasn't. She never thought it was okay, it was just hard to move.
We can do hard things. We have to do hard things. We suffer consequences when we don't do the hard, but right thing.
So, back to yesterday J swam. She had her best friend there supporting her. She did fine. Things are getting better. She is continuing to learn to make good choices, to stand in holy places, to be an example of to others, I am proud of her and I know she is going to do so well because she wants to do what's right.
On the way home we swung by Cheesecake Factory and got slices to go.
Last night Beloved and I went to the temple.
Today was church. We fed Renaldo. It's cold outside. Life goes on. Come what may, and love it :) I am thankful for the chance to live this life. To be here at this time. To have these children to raise and to teach and to learn from.

The End :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

tops, teeth & tamales

Today was a good day. E and Lucy had dentist appointments. No cavities!!

It was pajama day at school. A kid fav.

I was not nearly as tired as I expected to be and although we'll be ready for bed early tonight it hasn't been a bad day at all.
Tonight we went to Casa Rosa for dinner. It's cheap Mexican food but we like it. The decor is colorful and fun, the food tastes good, you never have to wait for a table, and we got great light up spinning tops in the kids meals that kept the kids happily entertained for a very long time. What a fun toy!
I am grateful for happy times with my family. Today I am also grateful for Bea, the big girls step mom. She is very sweet. From time to time she'll send me an e-mail and we'll e chat and it's nice. I know she thinks of them and wants what's good for them & they love her too.


7:30am. 4 1/2 hours ago we were walking into the house after going to my first midnight premiere movie.
I have to say I had my doubts. J and S really wanted to do the midnight show. They had to see it then or perhaps their very lives would be ruined...and in theory it sounded so fun, except that I am not awake at midnight and I don't like to be awake at midnight. Being the nice fun mom that I am I agreed. We bought tickets and made plans with friends to meet up to freeze and fall asleep together :)
I also had many worries about the movie itself. I am almost never a fan of book to movie. They just can't do it justice. I do love Pride and Prejudice and I like the Harry Potter movies, although the books are a lot better. So I was worried and had low expectations.
Then it was really cold, and I hate to be cold and thought we'd be standing outside freezing our buns off.

But I was pleasantly surprised. It was really fun. We got there at 10 and went into the lobby, we barely had a chance to get in line when they started seating us! Yeah. Alison & Bailee and the girls and I were there first so we got a couple good rows in the middlish and waited for the others to arrive. It was a long wait but exciting and it was so fun to chat with everyone. J and Em did fall asleep,as did many others in the super packed theatre, however when the movie started everyone cheered and watched.

not pictured: S, Kinz, Brian, Joy, Bailee, Sophie, Meri & Madi and their momma, Kisa and Kelly and Nicole. I think that's all. Fun girls! and good sport dad :)

It was a little cheesey but I liked the movie, a lot. I found Bella a little annoying (which I never did in the book) but other than that not at all, not even Jasper's crazy hair (which I hated in photos). It was a little different than the book, of course, but followed well and I enjoyed see how the scenes translated onto the screen.
I found it romantic and action packed and fun. I think it may have been a little confusing if you didn't read but I read so I followed along :) I also didn't fall asleep, nor was I tempted to. The only bummer was half way through I had to pee REALLY bad, and I had "excuse me, pardon me" out the row and then run back so I wouldn't miss much. I felt bad for interrupting Brian's viewing.
I heart Edward!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

last one for today

saw these over at PW. This one hit me as SO true!
and this one so funny :)

funny Lu-ism

first thing this morning Lucy wanted to play "remembery". I told her to pick up the cards off the floor where she left then after playing last night and then I would sort out the matches and set it up. I told her it was her job.

She said "I thought my job was to run around."

Thanksgiving lesson

Yesterday was my turn to have the kiddos here. We had a Thanksgiving Lesson. They liked making their turkeys and loved spinning the wheel to count down to Thanksgiving dinner. They ran around and made messes and played and ate. It was fun. It's actually a lot like subbing only a few less kids and the mess & noise is at my house instead of in the classroom.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it's all about finding the right test

There Are 1 Gaps in Your Knowledge

Where you have gaps in your knowledge:


Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge:







really I have many gaps, too many, it's embarrasing really, but since I did well on this I had to post it :)

grateful for Uncle Brian

I love Uncle Brian, he is the best.

Here is one (two part) example of his thoughtfulness:
a) he reads my blog, wades through the recipes and laments about craft supplies and pictures of the kids looking cute
b) he does the research and finds out useful info about things for me.

This morning I got this note regarding milk cartons, which made me laugh & then explained why and finished with a solution to my problem, (although I am not sure I want to add construct milk carton shape to my project's steps)

"Read your note on milk cartons. I found this article that explains why (altho
they ignore the crafts recycling aspect):

If you want to build your own from cardboard, there are a lot of web sites
that provide 'milk carton templates', such as:

Also another one is atch. E would probably be good at building milk

Enjoy BrianT"

He is always so nice. He is always interested in our lives and we love when he comes to spend time with us. He knows everything, so that is helpful. He is generous and good natured and sends funny e mails. He happily walks around zoos and farms and museums with our noisy crew, he buys awesome gifts, he is super smart and his influence in our family is greatly appreciated. His enjoyment of culture and knowledge about life are a blessing to those around him. Our whole family is lucky to have him in our lives!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a sample of the cuteness and holiday cheer

hey Tori, I realized on the way home that I invited your girls to make a village of their own one year. An edible, sugar spun confection to delight the senses and add joy to the beholder for the holiday season...and now the truth comes out.

milk carton madness

School lunches used to come with a cute little milk carton, white or chocolate. Love them. They were perfect for holiday gingerbread house making. I have been room mom many times and always for the "winter break" party we decorate "gingerbread houses". I go to the lunch room with a clean trash bag and ask the kids for their empty milk cartons. Then I take them home and wash them and let them dry. I hot glue them onto a bright red, plastic plate and then use frosting to spackle on graham crackers to all four sides and into a point for a roof. The houses have to cure for a while, preferably a day or so and then they are ready to decorate. So Much Holiday Fun!!! This year I am H's room mom and that was my plan. Plus I wanted to do it for Lu's baby sitting co op group, or maybe for a little kid party, and for FHE. This is the cornerstone of my holiday crafting fun.

However, today when I went to lunch with H, between subbing 1st in the morning and K in the afternoon I saw that the little pint size milk cartons are gone and now they are serving milk in a cylindrical tube, like you get in a McD Happy Meal!! This is serious trouble for me.....what will I do???

no really, this is a problem.

Grateful for Teens

I am grateful for the wonderful teens in my life. These two, and their sweet friends for starters. My life is much happier and crazy and fun because I have teenage daughters. With out them there is no way I'd be going to a midnight movie Thursday night, on a work night. I probably wouldn't make many midnight runs to Sonic and I'd definitely miss out on giggles and late night talks. I'd miss out on two sets of helping hands who are competent and capable. I'd miss out on talks about "boys" and college and Edward :) There would be no swim meets, goats to feed, homework to help with, formals to shop for, Gilmore Girl watching, free baby sitting or many many other things.

From time to time something will happen, often just something small, that will remind me how lucky I am. Last night the missionaries (little older than teens themselves) brought two young women to our home for FHE. They are investigating the church, both of them Seniors in High School. S and J were so gracious and kind. The participated in the lesson, played "mother elephant" again, and happily, (even though they both don't love it), chatted with our visitors, answered questions, sipped hot chocolate and laughed about school and books and movies. I was so happy to see how warm and welcoming they were. How they were unashamed of their beliefs and their crazy family. They are extraordinary. Youth of today face so many challenges that I don't think we had when I was that age, yet they are strong and good. I love working with them and teaching them. I admire their courage and testimony and goodness and zest for life. The whole future if before them and what an exciting time of life that is!

Monday, November 17, 2008

grateful for little mommies

Lucy loves babies. She plays family all the time. When her friend Austin is over they take turns~ a little light saber warfare, followed by "mom and dad". She likes to take babies with her when she goes places.
Recently we got another American Girl Magazine. Her favorite. She reads them until they literally fall apart and then we wait for the next quarter and a new, crisp, ready to read one arrives in the mail.

Hours of fun for Lu and for mom :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

welcome welcome, Sabbath morning

Today I am grateful for bright red hair bows that are so feminine and cute!
I am grateful for being able to take the sacrament, and sing hymns and hear talks.
I am grateful that the missionaries get to come to dinner tonight, although I won't be here to eat it, J, S and I are going to a special fireside at the stake center so I'll get everything ready and leave it to Beloved to put it on the table and serve the Elders.
And lastly I am grateful for my cousin Sarah, who so eloquently wrote about her feelings concerning prop 8. I agree with her 100% and hope that the persecution will end soon and that we will have peace.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

freak salsa accident & gratitude

Today we were bringing in the groceries and I put a bag on the table that was too close to the edge. It fell off and a jar of salsa shattered leaving a big mess and little shards of glass every where. I was wearing my crocs and a piece of glass flew into my foot through one of the little cut outs on the bottom of the shoe. How weird is that? Then when I tried to get my shoe off I couldn't because the glass was being rubbed into my foot. Ouch and Odd.
Finally I got my shoe off and the glass out and all was fine but I thought "what are the chances?"

Today I am grateful that the kids have friends who invite them to play from time to time. They love to go and spend time with friends!

Friday, November 14, 2008

counting down

6 Days until we go to the midnight showing of Twilight! Got the tickets bought~ can't wait!

6 weeks minus one day until Christmas~ yikes!!

8 weeks to get the house ready to show! really yikes!

one month to the day until J is "16"~ really, really yikes!!!

not the winner


What a day!

I subbed in a pre K class today. I won't be anxious to do that again. I'd like to get on the list for the High School and do them and the kids school.

I'm ready for a weekend. It was so fun to have Dani here and now I have the post visit blues :(, and I had a hard sub day, and this week I had two talks to give, which is always stressful. The first one went pretty well and second not as well, but at least it's done. I thought I was going first and instead I was last and to make matters worse Justin, who went first & is a better speaker than me in the first place,, and I had to wing it or repeat..maybe I should have repeated, but again, it's over. And to add insult to injury I had to play the piano, which I am so bad at. ...yes, I'd like a little cheese with my whine.

So in light of that I am grateful for opportunities to serve. Because I grow. Opportunities to teach, because I learn. My friends who like me even when I am lame, and the ones who don't even realize that I was lame-o! And Skippyjon Jones, the lettle Siamese cat that thinks he's a chihuahua, because last night when I came home we were able to cuddle up and read out loud our newly acquired books and the kids and Beloved laughed and enjoyed it...and it was fun.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today I am grateful that I filled my suburban with gas and it only cost me $54.68!!

the rest of the visit

Doing hair. Dani did lots of hair. She cut 27 people in the ward's hair, plus our whole family. She wanted a working vacation, and she got it :)
Crafting. We made seasonal blocks that turned out so cute. Dani is a knitter and H is a recent knitter, with a loom, so that was fun :)
Sonic runs, lunch out, hanging out, the good stuff :)

We also tried to take pictures for our Christmas card. Frankly, it didn't go so well. This is not a winner.

Neither is this one. This weekend we went to the park, camera in hand. My main purpose, besides some outdoor fun, was to shoot some pictures and hopefully one would be great and it could be a Christmas card. Beloved's main purpose was to hike as quickly as possible to the lake and look at it. We were not one in purpose. After a short time B2 (beloved, brother) took off a head of us; the girls and I continued on, sometimes carrying Lucy, sometimes cajoling H to keep going, sometimes stopping for some cute photos (I have lots of cute ones of the girls only) Our next try was Monday night, at the mall, in the pouring rain. Nuff said.
Finally in a last ditch effort I orchestrated one more try. Everyone was tired of it but indulged me. We got some okay shots, brother was a picture turkey and couldn't smile nicely to save his life. H hops around a lot trying to "help" others. Beloved lost his temper. Oh well, the trip was soooo fun and too quick and we have lots of crazy photos to look at and laugh at.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the force

Saw this on Caroline's blog and I had to have it. So funny and this boy is SOOO talented! Sheesh! How do people do that?

off to school

my super, savvy, senior S, going to school this morning, she looked so cute I had to stop her and snap a picture of her showing off her sense of style (how's that for some fun alliteration?!)
I can't believe she'll be 18 next month!

Gratitude Month

I haven't been very good about posting a daily thing I am grateful for. I have been grateful, I've just not gotten it down.

so, twenty things, randomly, as a catch up:

  1. I am grateful for my six wonderful children.
  2. I am grateful for Beloved.
  3. I am grateful for my missionary parents.
  4. I am grateful for my kind and fun in laws.
  5. I am grateful for my sisters, and two brothers, and their kids, and cousins, and uncles and aunts.
  6. I am grateful for Beloveds awesome family :)
  7. I am grateful for friends. This week has been so fun as many people have popped by for beatifying and we've gotten to chat and laugh together.
  8. A good job.
  9. my home~ that it's warm and dry and a haven from the world.
  10. enough food to eat.
  11. clothes for all.
  12. cars that run.
  13. my computer.
  14. a soft pillow.
  15. soap that smells good.
  16. time with Dani.
  17. books.
  18. fun recipes to try.
  19. the scriptures.
  20. cool weather.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


no trip home would be complete with out a day at the zoo. Dani and I took Austin and Lucy and had a great day. The weather was perfect, the kids were happy and the animals lively. This afternoon she is doing more hair. I think at the end of the trip she'll have cut about 20 heads!

Yesterday we took family pictures at the mall. It was pouring rain, but they turned out cute so I am excited about that.

We also got pedicures and had lunch at Spring Creek with Beloved. The time is going fast, too fast. Tomorrow we have craft day and then Thursday she leaves :(

Monday, November 10, 2008

late night sonic runs

a little catching up, a little gratitude

Soccer games, dinner groups, hanging out and being silly, a long walk in the park, movies, talking, "would you rather"; these things and many others are keeping our days full and busy.

We tried to get a good picture after church. Tried:)

These shots were so cute of my two little girls.
I am grateful for fun fall days, and falling leaves, and falling gas prices!