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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Yesterday we traveled here. It took a lot of the day. We drove to the airport, waited for our flight, flew here, waited for our bus, drove another 2 hours and finally we were here.

We started with a tour of the base. It is right on the Chesapeake with runways running straight out to the water. It is nice. We saw where DH will work. Nice cubes, big hanger.

Last night we had a big company dinner. The fish and crab casserole was delicious. We had a fun time visiting with other couples who are doing the same thing we are. At our table was a couple who are newly married. He's been doing this for a long time, she's new to it. I think they are in the later 40's and have no children. They talked about not wanting to change their life and their free time so I think maybe they won't be planning on having any. She's a free lance writer, which will be great for moving.
Another couple had two kids. They spent four years in Korea with Lockheed and have been in Ft Worth about four years, so it's time to move again.

I don't mind moving. There is always good to be found in any place and a new adventure. I do mind leaving friends behind. We are happy and comfortable where we are.

Today we went out with a realtor. It was a good tour. We saw homes in "our price range" which are much smaller and much more expensive than what we have now; but it's not Texas and I think we can find something we will be happy with. Getting rid of stuff is always good....just ask FlyLady:)
My impression of this place is lots of trees and lots of water. It's very different than TX or even CA for me. Both places have lots of space. This seems older and not as spacious. The water is beautiful and there is lots to do.
After looking at houses we drove around a bit and saw St Mary's College, Solomon's Island and we stumbled upon a battle reenactment.

Tonight it's more crab and then tomorrow we travel home.
It was funny when we arrived and after the tour but before dinner we had about an hour and a half. We came up to our room and fell on the bed to nap. Very happily. I guess we're old:) This morning we slept in and tomorrow we can again. It's been a good weekend.
We've been talking to the kids and I am sad I missed transportation day, but it sounds like it was great. We missed Bub's game and karate and tonight is the soup thing. I am glad Papa and Grandma are there to fill in.


utmommy said...

Looks pretty there. I'll definitly have to visit!

Yvonne said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I agree with your thoughts about moving--it is quite an adventure and if you look for the good you can find it anywhere.

It does look like a beautiful place. Have you ever lived on the East Coast?

Joyismygoal said...

sounds nice but not nice enough for you to have to move:<

I have a good life said...

It looks so beautiful! But I will miss you soooo much. I hope you are having a wonderful time.