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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

nap time adventure (that's not her bed, but it's cute though)

Lucy doesn't nap. I don't know why...I would love a daily nap, but she doesn't she gave it up this summer. With everyone home it just was impossible to do. She occasionally naps, so I shouldn't say never but most weeks it's zero times.

Last night I put her to bed at 7:30ish. She popped out of bed until 9:00ish (way too late) then was up at 5:30 this morning, again I don't know why. So today she is tired. So tired that I almost didn't take her to story time because I was afraid she would fall asleep in route and then that would blow today's chance of a likely nap.

We went. It was fun. I searched the library for some music I need for the ward Christmas social, with no luck ~bummer, I guess it's not going to be easy. We got a book, a signing time DVD, listened to story time, made a craft and then headed home. I thought she'd fall asleep so I handed her juice box and talked and put on a DVD. She did nod off and I had to take her from the car seat crying and kicking and brought her inside where she was suddenly "not tired". I put her in bed anyway. She barely closed her eyes in the car so I KNOW she's tired.

Not too long after she came out screaming that she was scared. So I picked her up and took her back while asking what she was scared of. She said a snake in her room. What?!? I asked where and she said in her drawer, which was now open but was closed when I left the room the first time.

Well, it seemed unlikely that there was a snake in our house, but maybe. So what was I supposed to do? Leave the room with Lucy and lock the door and wait for a)DH to arrive home or b) a poisonous reptile to get out and stalk our family or look in the drawer? I decided to look. At the first glance there was nothing. Then she told me it was under the toilet paper. I looked and sure enough there was TP in the drawer. Great.

Back to my two choices, although now I added slam the drawer shut and duck tape it until DH got home. I almost chose that but I was afraid he'd take the shot gun to the dresser and then where would we be?

So I picked up the TP. Under it was a plastic smooshing dragon leg, severed from a dragon body in an unfortunate accident previous and obviously left somewhere that caught her eye and scared her. Poor baby. So I showed her it wasn't a snake, threw it away, tucked her again....and now we're trying for a nap. She's tired I know she is, she's delusional: seeing snakes in the house! HA!

she never did nap, but now it's 6:54 and she's out like a light. She did mess up H's costume for tomorrow, fling a puzzle around the room, remove every book off the book shelf, get her finger caught in an umbrella and try on all her clothes...all VERY quietly.


wendy said...

Go to sleep you little baby...

I hate when they start giving up the nap, but they REALLY need it...

Hope she goes to bed early tonight (and stays!)

Anna said...

I still think about J when she was bed...crying "I'm so tired! I want to go to bed!"

And your response "close your eyes!"

Yvonne said...

Poor little thing--I sure hope she goes to bed and has a good long sleep!!

Gabriela said...

Hope she gets a good night's rest tonight.

The end of naptime is always a sad day in my house.

Joyismygoal said...

oh my we have had those days

utmommy said...

What a good little napper!

cb_christensen said...

haha... that was ME yesterday!

BTW, what Christmas music are you looking for? Maybe I can help?

Chel said...

So what is it with not taking naps... I can get Jak to take a nap one out of every 20 days or so... ugh! Little stinkers.
I think Jak and Lucy would be good friends!!!