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Thursday, October 18, 2007

new roof

We're having a new roof put on our home. It's very noisy and driving Millie crazy. She spent ALL morning running from window to window barking.

It's been great.

Luckily we had errands outside the home this morning. One of the things we did was take H and register for school. She'll start on Monday. She wanted to start today, once we were there, but her teacher wasn't ready ~which made me kind of mad, I understand we caught her off guard but the kind thing to do would have been to say, with open arms, I am so glad you're here come on lets figure out what to do. I realize that I can't make a snap judgement ~ we are the ones starting school 8 weeks late, she didn't know we were coming, and I am sure part of the mad is just because of the turmoil it's been for me and the worry I have over making the best choice for H and feeling bad about being queen wishy washy. So I just smiled and said that would be great, we would see her on Monday. H was a little bummed but we'll go out to lunch tomorrow with DH, who has an off Friday and get her school supplies and it'll be fine.

It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.


Yvonne said...

You are absolutely right--IT'LL BE FINE!!!!

Hope the new roof doesn't take too long.

nikko said...

Yeah, it's noisy. I can hear it down here! :o)

Hope that H has fun at school. She's going over to the other school (not B), right?

Joyismygoal said...

It'll be fine i know it will What school?

utmommy said...

It will be fine.
It will be fine.


I have a good life said...

Everything will work out great! Doesn't it feel good to have the decision done (at least for now)? What a challenging year so far for you. I am sure H is ready to go to school! Monday will come soon enough.