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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the blessing of friends

We are so very lucky to have good friends. They brighten our days and make our burdens lighter.
The past few days we've had several chances to get together and "play" with friends.
Last Friday morning we went to swim with several other families. After E and H were invited to go play with Karlee and Mason. They had a blast and DH and I were able to run errands with just one kid in tow :)
Saturday our whole family went to play Killer Bunnies at Heather and Brian's. The kids LOVE our tournament nights and playing with their friends.
Monday night the Blacks and the Ballards came over to swim and eat Caroline's yumm-o chocolate cake and ice cream! We discussed Venturing stuff for next year, sat outside and watched the kids swim and every one had fun.
Last night I had 19 women over to make file folder games. Everyone chatted and laughed and colored. At 10pm when the last of our friends headed out the door we gathered around the table and talked about how fun it is to have friends over. The kids ran around and we have movies going in two rooms, toys everywhere and Popsicles on the porch. Are they coming back next week E asked?
Today we went to visit my sweet friend Donna. She had chilled glass ready to give the kids a drink and sent them home with "jam to eat with scones." Which we are now making. This afternoon H will meet with her activity day friends and make pillow cases, and E will have a boy over to play while the girls are gone.

Oops, I almost forgot S went to spend the night with her friend Cheryl on Monday and J and Emma sleep over. Last night J went to Sofia's.

Friends make life sweeter!


Yvonne said...

You are so right--friends truly do brighten our days.

You are truly blessed to have good friends all around.

marcia said...

esp when you are the sweetner

texasblu said...

Friends are so important - when the rest of the world tells you everything that's wrong with you, a friend will hug you and tell you everything they love that you are. :)