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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

book reviews

Just finished my last southern author challenge book. Both my summer challenges are done. I enjoyed both sets of reading. I am actually finishing another non fiction, John Adams, that I am loving.
The Sugar Queen was good. It took me a lot longer to read and to get into than Garden Spells, although I liked it the whole time. Without giving anything away: it's the story of a young woman who has a very controlling mother. She wakes up one day to find a woman in her closet. A woman she knows but not really well. Della Lee, in the closet, won't leave and inserts herself into Josey's life. Frankly Josey can use the help. With Della Lee's guidance Josey is able to stand up for herself, find love, and a life separate from her mother. They have a friend named Chloe who has books magically appear in her life. The three women's lives are intertwined in ways that they didn't even know and it's a fun story of how they find peace, resolve problems and in some cases find love.
There was also a surprise twist at the end that I did NOT see coming until about 5 pages before. Until that point I didn't even have an inkling...which was fun.

Brother and I read this out loud together. It was so fun. He loved it and we cracked up together at the funny parts and worried about little Toothless, Hiccup's dragon. It was a great book. We even made up viking names for our "imaginary" dragons. His was Dragonfyre, mine, for his dragon, was Princess Fairy Knickers. Insults were a huge part of the book and the teasing was in fun.

Now we are starting FableHaven and we have high hopes for another good adventure!


Anonymous said...

Ah! I love hearing about good books. They are so hard to find these days. This summer I have resumed my quest for classics as they are usually decent. Right now I am reading one of my faves "Les Miserables" but when I am finished I will try this one. I do like something new now and then.

____Maggie said...
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____Maggie said...

Yay and Boo Hoo! I'm thrilled you are done, but I know you may not visit so much. :(

We still have a good month before the finish and I have more books to give away! Please check back often and don't be a stranger.

I'm one of those girls that will never have kids and it is great getting to watch yours grow up, but don't worry - I'm not a kidnapper; although, I am a big napper! ;D

PS Too mant typos in the 1st post.

marcia said...

I LOved the John Adams book -- I may try one of your other My two books this week have been Christmas books (no wishful thinking here)

Shauna6pack said...

Have you tried Chet Gecko with your kids? My kids think he's pretty funny.