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Sunday, June 15, 2008

They're Back!!!!

Two Friday nights (the 6th) ago we dropped J at Emma's house. They left on Saturday morning with their crew to go to a Colorado High Adventure Scout Camp. This afternoon they came back smelling bad, smiling big and thrilled with their experience.
After a much needed shower she shared with us stories of freezing nights, being thrown into the drink on their first day rafting, climbing, bouldering, repelling, sitting around the camp fire eating smores, raising the flag in the morning, singing songs at night, hiking, keeping food put up to avoid bears, flirting with the boys (they were the only girl crew there), sleeping in a museum on the trip home, glacier water showers, and FUN FUN FUN! She showed off her bumps and cuts and bruises and informed us she might want to major in outdoor recreation in college :)

I missed her and am glad she's back. She wishes she was still there. I guess that's the sign of a really good trip :)


Yvonne said...

What a great trip it must have been--glad she's home safe and sound.

marcia said...

tell her to go for it I majored in rec at Ricks and absolutely loved every moment of it!!!!