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Thursday, June 19, 2008

how many does it take to change a lightbulb?

In our family it takes 6 people to change a light bulb.
In our stairway we have a light. It is above the door kind of high up and impossible to reach without a ladder. It's been burned out for a while, mostly because we weren't sure how to get up there and change it.
Two nights ago DH began to recruit kids to stand on his shoulders and try and reach it.
Brother went first, too short.
H went next, too scared.
S was third, couldn't balance.
Lu volunteered but of course she is too little.
At that point we were out of kids so we abandoned the effort.

Last night we tried again. J was home.
We had to convince her but eventually she hopped up on DH's shoulders. He stood on the third step from the bottom and leaned forward, she balanced on his shoulders, held the wall to stable herself and reached into the light fixture. It took four tries and S and H standing above her on the steps to catch and me and brother on the bottom to cheer and break her fall should she need it, and then, viola, we had light!!!


Yvonne said...

Wait a minute, why weren't you up there on his shoulders???

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, you coo-coo, they make a long pole that has an attachement on the end that clamps around the bulb and you twist. . .it's for cathedral ceilings. . .someone gave me one for christmas and it's the best gift. . . maybe walmart?

txmommy said...

Yvonne, 'cause I am a fluffy girl and would break his shoulders:)

Sarah, the light has to come in from the top of the glass cover. Can it do that??

marcia said...

ok now I know we can make a post out of everything in everyday life