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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Books & Co and MiMi's Cafe'

Today was a shopping day. We went to Books & Co first. An hour and many books later everyone was stocked with reading material for the rest of the summer. It's our favorite stop.
It's nice that they provide chairs around the stores so we could sit and read and take the books for a test drive before making a final selection.

Then we went to eat. We eat a lot. S had the hugest sandwich.

DH had the yummiest dessert, it was a chocolate pecan pie a la mode that was as big as my hand (as you can see).
We spent some time walking around the Commons and enjoying the shops.
Tonight Dottie and Jim came over for dinner and we watched old family movies.


Yvonne said...

A huge bookstore must be the PERFECT place for you and your family.

Now that is my size for a piece of pie--looks delicious.

marcia said...

old movies the family owns? or old movies of the family:)? I so enjoy that but I know it is torture for some folks. Z's papers have been in for 10 days but shhhhh I am not thinking about it till the first:)

I have a good life said...

So glad you are having fun. So glad that S got her shift covered so she could go! :)

My Full Hands said...

Oooooo - I want to go to that book store!

Julia Roberts said...

That looks like an awesome books store. What a winning combination...Great books and great food.