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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trot down memory lane

Halloween 1980. Lana and I were Olympic Equestrians. Did we go trick or treating? or to a ward party? I don't know. ( do you see a theme~ the whole please stop reminiscing about the past because you don't remember anything very well theme?)
I do remember that Joyce had given Sharon some old church jackets of Mark's for Adam. Lana and I went through the pockets and found a comb, which we assumed belonged to Mark. So I kept it, having the biggest crush in the world on him. We wore the jackets, which I also thought was so fabulous.
We LOVED horses and both desperately wanted one. We read books about them and drew pictures of them and from time to time would walk down to the feed store and buy assorted pieces of tack and hoof picks and what not in preparation for the day when we might one day have horses. We subscribed to Horse World and Horse and Rider and pasted posters of horses around our room.
Then one day the Dustins decided to get Lana a horse. I was SO jealous. I helped her shop for one. We visited lots of backyards and looked at lots of horses. Finally she settled on Goldie, who had belonged to Meredith __________ what was her last name? It's right on the edge of my brain??? Her family had moved into our ward not too long before this time and she was our friend. So Lana joined FFA and had Goldie. I still had my magazines, pathetic. Lana tried to share but we both knew the world was horribly unjust and that I should have a horse of my own.

I was lucky because Carol Markham had a pony named Velvet. They lived right next door to the place where Lana stabled Goldie. Carol didn't like horses and so some times in the summer we'd trade. I would take care of her and I could also ride her. Riding our bikes over to the stables (or walking) early in the morning to feed, water, brush and curry the horses was one of my favorite things. After they were taken care of we'd saddle up and go riding in the desert. Some times we'd ride into "town" and through the drive through of Nauglass for hot fudge sundaes. Sometimes we'd just ride around in circles. Sometimes when we were feeling nice we'd ride to one of our houses and take the kids for rides in the street.
I wonder if we have any pictures of Goldie and Velvet?
I loved to baby sit Velvet and am grateful for that chance. However I always wanted a horse not a stubborn pony and I wanted one full time.

...I'm over it now, barely.


The Brandts said...

I really like the boots! Were they actually riding boots?

You definatly wont be able to have a horse in Maryland... I think you should stay in TX :-)

utmommy said...

I remember going on an early morning ride with you in my nightgown. I thought it was the coolest thing.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, this was a fun post, so was it you that had the horse, or your friend Lana? I'm assuming you had the loaner pony, but Val remember it as a cool thing, so that's good!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I agree w/ your DD#1

Yvonne said...

Such great memories.

I'm glad you've ALMOST gotten over the whole thing; )

Julia Roberts said...

How fun to see a picture of you and Lana. Wow it doesn't seem like that long ago... but I guess it was.