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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Young's Dairy and a Dragon's Game

Today DH and Abba went golfing and Nana went to work. Uncle Brian and I took the littles up to Grandpa Thacker's house. We walked around his garden and admired his growing things. Even at 90 his yard is well kept and has many interesting fun things growing around.
The kids enjoyed seeing everything and smelling the flowers and watching the bugs fly about.
After that the 6 of us went to Young's Dairy. It was great. The kids loved feeding the goats and seeing the cows and climbing on the tractor. We had lunch there which was yummy, and ice cream which was even better :)

After we got home we took a quick swim and then went to the Dragon's game. Actually Lu stayed with Nana and UB, they went out to dinner and shopping.
The rest of us headed out to a very exciting game. Bob Evan's was having a sampling night outside the gate so we stopped there for "dinner" and some sliding on the giant bouncy slide. Then we found our seats. The first inning was unbelievably action packed. First a batter got hit in the head by a ball and had to be taken off the filed. Then not 5 minutes later the first baseman and the catcher collided and the first baseman broke his ankle and got taken out in an ambulance. THeN before that first inning was over a huge brawl broke out. Literally every player on both teams was out in the field punching and fighting. There were bloody faces and I don't know what else. The game took an hour break to sort things out and then started again. We eventually left in at the 6th inning. I don't know what happened at the end. I feel really badly about how things went. That is not an example of good sportsmanship. There were tons of families there with their little kids and it was frankly not the all American past time fun filled evening it should have been, it was more of a spectacle. I know most games aren't like that but it was still a bummer. We did have a good time, it just could have been a lot more fun and it's a shame the grown men act like that. It was not the example I wanted my children to see of how adults act when playing games, or ever.


Yvonne said...

Love the garden--how fun that he has such a beautiful garden at 90.

The dairy would be a lot of fun.

Sounds like a real action-packed game. That's a lot of excitement for one game.

As always, ute pictures.

marcia said...

Oh I thought you said you went to a baseball game not a hockey game--what a sweet looking grandpa