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Thursday, August 28, 2008

13 early memories for Thursday 13

My good friend Joy did this on her blog and it was fun to read and got me thinking so I decided to do it too.

Thirteen Early Memories.

1. The first thing I remember, ever, is sitting the kitchen floor in our little apartment in North Edwards, CA and feeding Alec OJ from a little bowl with a tiny spoon. He was in his plastic baby seat and had the cutest little mouth. (3years old)

2. I also remember "fishing" in the tire tracks that got left in the mud at the same apartment. (3)

3. One time we were at the beach with the Anderson Family. I want to say this was my first time going but I am not sure that's true. It was night and we were taking a walk. I remember the flash light beams making lines across the waves. Then I fell in and got tumbled around. It was very scary and cold. I was fully clothed and my clothes got cold and stiff with salt water. I came up crying and Brother Anderson gave me some first piece ever. I guess I was 4-5 years old.

4. I remember going to Kindergarten and riding the trikes around the painted line track in the kindergarten play ground. One day I remember in particular was the day before our Thanksgiving break. We were going to San Fransisco, as usual and mom came to pick me up before our class party. I had to take my little pilgrim hat and leave. I was sad. Eventually I hated going to SF for every holiday and summer, but not then. I was happy to go, just sad to miss the party. That happened a lot over the elementary years.

5. In 2nd grade I had a friend named Dusty. She and I loved horses and we would go out in the field during recess with some other girls who were also our friends but who's names I don't remember and we'd play horses, sometimes we ate the grass.

6. I was a Brownie scout in 2 or 3rd grade. We meet at the rec center at Mariposa Park, which shared a lot with our school. It was fun. When we had our Christmas party and book exchange I brought "Rudolph" but no one wanted it so that was sad. I don't remember what book I got.

7. When we travelled to SF it seemed like the Longest drive, but really it was only about 7-8 hours, which now I laugh at. It was so exciting to get to the Golden Gate Bridge because that meant we were almost there. Alec was afraid of the bridge, he thought the sword fish could saw the legs down. When we would finally arrive at Baba and Deda's house I would run in and go to Deda's study where Makaka (my mom's stuffed monkey from when she was a girl) was waiting for me. I loved that monkey and would play with it while we were there.

8. Also in SF Baba Olya would pay us a penny a snail to get them out of her garden and into a bucket. And Baba Katya would let us have sips of her coffee. She also sat on the couch at the bottom of the steps and "faint" when she saw us coming down the stairs, she was so struck by our beauty :)

9. Often, maybe every day, we'd go to Golden Gate park and walk around with Dad. It was beautiful. My favorite parts were the Japanese Tea Gardens and this little lake that had steep side and trees all around. You could see a lot of the roots of the trees reaching down to you while you walked . It was way cool. We'd scramble around up there and laugh and talk.

10. I also had a bike with a banana seat. and I had roller skates that I loved. Alec was a fast biker, but I was better on skates.

11. My first personal pet was a blue parakeet named Sunny. This is sad, I was in 3rd grade, Sunny stayed in a cage in my room. She was a good bird and sat on my finger nicely. One day our cat Heidi got in my room and swiped at Sunny through he bars of the cage. She got her belly and legs. I thought Sunny would die but some how she didn't. She did become crippled though and would only lay on the bottom of her cage. Then when I opened the door she would pull herself with her little beak to the toward me. She slept on my pillow. Sadly she didn't live long, and I missed her. Sad story.

12. We had rabbits in a big rabbit hutch when I was in 2nd-3rd grade. Mom would sometimes send us outside to weed the garden and watch Michael. Alec and I would lock Michael in the hutch, so we didn't have to keep track of him, and then set the rabbits out in the garden to "weed" for us while we lay around in the grass our climbed the tree. This only happened a couple of times. Michael, for the record, didn't mind. Nor did the rabbits. I don't think dad was very pleased however.

13. My favorite restaurant when I was 8 was called Camelot. It was a buffet and the building looked like a castle. I chose to go there after I was baptized for dinner. I chose it because I liked the chocolate pudding they had for dessert.

Dani, you should do this, I would love to read what you remembered :)


marcia@joyismygoal said...

very good I hope others do this too It was fun to remember and i will do it again

Yvonne said...

I would love to do this, but I don't know how much I remember. Such fun memories--well, except for the parakeet story ; (

Kathy said...

Love your new look!

utmommy said...

I totally remember having to collect snails too. I didn't know you did that.

Julia Roberts said...

I loved reading your post. I actually remeber going to Camelot when I was little. I also loved the chocolate pudding. It was always a fovorite with me.

Julia Roberts said...
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