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Friday, August 29, 2008

and the nominee is...

Sarah Palin from Alaska.

I have to say I am excited. Up until a couple hours ago I thought I was choosing the candidate that I disliked the least. But I actually like her, so far, hope it sticks.

I first heard of Sarah shortly after the birth of her 5th baby this last spring. He has Downs Syndrome and she went to a March of Dimes walk (I think) and met with other mom's who had similar challenges. A mom whose blog I read is the mother of twin girls with CP and she wrote about her so I went to Alaska's Website and read about their Governor. At that time I was impressed but never thought I'd hear more about her.

So, some things I like about her, in no particular order, and just for my own fun and entertainment.

1. She is about my age, 44, and is strong and healthy and in touch with what families are facing today.

2. She has 5 kids. Her oldest is serving in the Army, then three daughters, including an 8 year old (I have an 8 year old, well now she's 9 but still) and a newborn.

3. When she was a girl she used to get up early and go moose hunting with her dad before school.

4. She is pro life, anti gay marriage and fiscally conservative.

5. She has a record of standing up for what she feels is right, when she was the Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission she resigned her post in protest over what she perceived as ethics violations by fellow Alaskan Republican leaders.

6. She's outdoorsy, hunts and fishes and runs marathons (I don't do that but I admire people who do).

7. She seems like the mom next door, someone I would be friends with, who's kids would be friends with mine, someone who will care about the things I care about.

8. She thinks education is important.

She's some one I feel I have things in common with, you know, if I was a cool, hip, politically active, marathon running, moose killing, mom of 5 who was married to a snowmobiling champion, fisherman hottie husband. It's like we're twins :)

I think this is going to change the flavor of the election and the political arena in Washington if she does get to be VP.


Anonymous said...

Gee. That sounds like an endorsement.

See the headline:

TxMommy's TooManyToCount blog endorses McCain/Palin Ticket

~Beloved (I liked that.)

Yvonne said...

I have never heard of her. I watched her speech and was quite impressed. She seems very confident.

Thanks for sharing all those things you know about her, and yes, that's exactly what I thought--she sounds just like she could be twins with my BFF txmommy ; )

She seems very confident which she will need when she is in the debate with the other guy.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I was just watching the TV about her. I love her. But she's Alaskan, how can I not? And I was raised on Moose Meat, too, and we Moose eaters have to stick together. I am finally proud to vote for McCain and thrilled for Sarah's influence in our country. I'll be praying they win, starting tonight!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Oh, Tiffany's baby is only minutes from being born, so I'll try and email as soon as I know. . . and I just finished THE HOST today. I think it's BETTER than Twilight. IF that could ever be possible. I really loved it. Is it on your list because you've read it or WANT to? If you haven't, go get started, you'll enjoy!

Chel said...

I like her. That I know. Do I think she is the best VP? Probably not. I'm not so sure she could take over as president and do a good job. She is young and has small children... can she run a nation too?

Not saying I'm not going to vote for McCain, because I am. But this was a very BOLD move for him.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I like the idea but I also want her to have time for her family and it does make me more want to vote for Them --