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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Personal Progress

J finished all her requirements for Personal Progress this weekend!! I am so proud of her, she's been working on her projects for a while now and just finished the last one.

She had to do 7 10-hour projects, one for each of the young women's values which are:

Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works and Integrity.

This is what she did:

Faith~J decided to baby sit for free for parents who wanted to go to the temple. She actually ended up with a lot more than 10 hours.

Divine Nature~ J learned a skill she can use for her future home. She painted and redecorated her bed room.

Individual Worth~ One of J's loves is running. For her project she decided to share that with her friend Emma. She taught her about running and they ran together for more than 10 hours.

Knowledge~ Learn how to cook. J helped plan meals and cook food for the family. She even made shrimp scampi!

Choice and Accountability~ Jenna took two BYU online courses and completed them. She had to make choices about how to spend her time while she was doing that and was accountable for that. One of her classes was swimming, the other was Government and Politics where she learned a lot about how our government works and the importance of each person's choices when it comes to electing people, making laws and upholding them.

Good Works~ For good works J wanted to learn how to play the piano so she could play for YW, FHE and for her own pleasure. She went from not playing at all to being able to play simple hymns and other pieces and is continuing to work on that long past her 10 hours.

Integrity~ For this final project J decided to take part in the leadership of an all girls Venturing Crew. She was the VP for a year and helped to plan and participated in the crews activities. She learned a lot about personal integrity and the importance of that characteristic her life and in leadership.

Yeah J!!!


So Average Teenager said...

Yeah Jenna!!! I'm next.

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Congratulations, J!! Those were some awesome projects you chose! Good work!

Yvonne said...

Wow--congratulations to J.

Sounds like she did some great projects. Way to go.

Anne/kq said...

Congratulations! I'm especially impressed by the piano. I've wanted to re-learn piano (I took it for 2 years but have forgotten most of it) and haven't motivated myself yet... Way to go!

Shauna6pack said...

Congratulations, J! Way to go! I'm always impressed when a young woman gets her award because I know how much work it is. Good job!

Anne said...

how awesome! Good job and congrats J!!!

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME! Good job Jenna! I love you!