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Friday, August 29, 2008

bunch of random stuff

Last night I dreamed again. Weird. But you know since I write about what we eat and what we wear and what I read...why not.

I woke up around 4am cuz brother came hopping into bed. Then I was hot and I was trapped between my boys, Beloved on one side and Brother on the other, and couldn't fall asleep right away. Finally I did and dreamed this:

I was shopping at Wal mart and in the pet aisle I saw cages with monkeys. Crazy (note: when I was a girl I always wanted a pet monkey)! Then I looked down and under that was an aquarium with a sea monster in it. He swam up and looked at me, and I reached out to pet him. So we looked and then moved on.
Suddenly, you know how it is in dreams, I was upstairs and Julia was running a sandwich shop and I was trying to decide what to eat and then decided to swim instead and while I was swimming the sea monster came and got in the large hot tub that I was swimming in. He was much bigger and scared me so I hopped out.
Then I was trying to get away and realized that because I had touched him somehow he was imprinted on me or something.
Then all this weird magic stuff happened and I was flying and trying to find a safe place for the children and trying to get away from these people who wanted to use the dragon for evil.

Lu and I were running on a path and hopped in our suburban and drove it. The path turned into this roller coaster thing and we were going up and down and I was scared to run off the side and suddenly there was a HUGE drop and Lu went flying out and so did I. Lu landed in the water, my sea monster had grown huge and was in the water and I landed on it's head. Then I agreed to help it if Lu was saved.

that's all.

Strange. So a) I guess I do have a somewhat imaginative subconscious, good to know. b) maybe I read too much children fiction c) what does that mean anyway?

Then, back to real life, when I was in brother's room getting his clothes for the day I looked down and saw pink death by his bed and realized that my sea monster looked just like pink death only with flippers. Funny.

This morning H did a lot of crying. She forgot to bring home her text book from school and couldn't do her homework. Of course she didn't tell me this until after dance and after she went to activity days and it was too late to try and get a copy. She didn't want to go to school this morning. Hopefully her teacher will be helpful and gentle. I don't mind if she gets in a little trouble but I hope it matches the seriousness of the offense. 4th grade is a big year for learning to be organized and remember stuff without the teacher reminding you.

Conversation had here this morning: We are speculating about who McCain will choose as a running mate. This morning DH was saying he thought it might be Mitt (now an hour later he thinks it will be Sarah Palin, I guess we'll see at noon). ANYWAY, as we were discussing he was saying that he hopes that people wouldn't not vote for him because he's Mormon, and that there are religious bigots out there who don't think Mormons are Christan and so forth. I also hope that someone wouldn't do that. I hope that voters take time to look at the candidates and see what they believe and learn the facts about religions, and issues, and people before making a decision but, unlike my sweet husband, who is much more interested in politics than I am and is much more informed about things, I do not fault people for voting against someone because of their religion. He thinks it's a travesty and anti American and practically against the Constitution. I think everyone has a vote to spend anyway they want and that they can discriminate any way they want. If I think someone is too old, or I don't like their hair, or I don't agree with them on just one teeny tiny issue, or I don't agree with their religion, I can vote against them. The reason I say this is because I wouldn't vote for a person who had certain religious views that are devoutly religious because I know this colors your whole world view. Being Mormon is not a Sunday thing for me, it's part of the very fiber of my being and I think and act a certain way because of that. I happen to think that's a good way to think and act but I know not everyone agrees. Someone who was devoutly Wiccan, or devoutly Muslim or devoutly a Pacifist, or anything that I knew was really opposed to my world view and my hopes for the future I would not vote for, just because. And I wouldn't think I was being prejudice, I would think I was making a choice that matched my beliefs. I would, on the other hand be happy to be neighbors with anyone, to be friends with them, to be kind to them, to have them as my doctor or my lawyer or my grocery clerk. I would treat them kindly and with respect and want them in clubs I join or on the PTA. I would not want them discriminated against in the work place or any where else. I whole heartedly believe that everyone has the privilege of worshiping how, when and what they may, or not, as they choose. But to lead our nation and to make decisions that affect me and my family and the whole world we have to choose someone we can trust and someone we think will act like we want them to act. It's an individual choice. If the majority of the individuals thought differently than I and we did elect someone who believed the opposite of me,well, that would really stink and I guess I'd have to actively try and promote my POV. I don't think it's any different than basing my vote on their pro life or pro choice stance, their off shore drilling feelings, their anti war or pro military perspective, their thoughts on the dollar or our relationship with China or anything else. How a person believes is how they act. That is one thing I have liked about Pres. Bush, I don't agree with everything he has done and the poor guy has given Letterman more pearls in the form of sound bites for his "famous presidential speeches" pieces than anyone but I feel like he really does what he thinks is right. He has a strong moral compass and follows it. I don't want someone who is swayed by the tides and popular opinion I want someone who will do what is right and stand up for what they believe and who tells what they believe so we can pick.

Light, front porch waiting for the bus conversation. The kids listen and nod. It was not antagonistic at all. Just political.

Is that prejudice? I really don't know. I don't think so but I can see how someone could argue that it was. That's often my problem, I can see both sides of an issue and even if I don't agree with one side I can see how someone might. DH isn't like that, he is black and white.

okay enough, I am not really that much of a political creature...I guess this is what happens when the kids go to school and I don't have pictures of swimming kids to post about.

I hope I represented DH well enough. He happens to agree with all the rambling I did on the bottom I think, he just doesn't think a person should be discriminated against because of their religion (or color, or _____ ) It's all about the issues for him.

SO what is the difference between discriminated and choosing based on something that is important to you?

one last thing, don't think DH and I are politically polar. We're not. We don't always think the exact same thing but that's mostly because he is very interested and passionate about politics and I, frankly, am not. I am moderately interested and sometimes have no opinion because I don't know enough to have decided anything but we both like Sarah Palin, and Mitt (although he more than me). We'll both vote McCain (he likes him a lot more than I do, but I like him a lot more than Barrack). We both don't like Obama. I did at first, when he just stood there and looked pretty and he seemed passionate and bright. Now that I have heard him talk, and every time I do, my opinion just gets lower. I wanted to like him but his views don't match mine at all.

off my soap box, if you can even call it that, it's more like a sudsy spot on the kitchen tile that I happened to notice when I looked up from making a PB&J sandwich and realized "oh it's a political year"


marcia@joyismygoal said...

Well i READ YOUR BOOK AND i UNCANNILY FEEL SO VERY SIMILAR, OTHER THAN I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE new R vp candidate but I see his JOHN McCains political strategy very plainly, as does the rest of the world. and feel like McCain and Co. felt they needed a "gimmick " to even have a chance against the Charismatic symbol of change that IS Barrack Obama so i think this will be a Very interesting election and next 10 years of politics-- They only think they can avoid War Just because a new leader gets into office the world does not Change.

I have a good life said...

I know nothing about Sarah Palin until today. Then, I just knew her name. Now that I read what you know about her, I am impressed.

I think you expressed it so well that we get to vote however we want for whatever reason we want. What a gift! I hadn't pieced it together that way before.

BTW: DH just had a patient this week that asked his religion, found out he was Mormon, and left the clinic. So sad.

Yvonne said...

That was some dream--love the roller coaster ; )

I don't know much about politics, but I base my decision on the whole person-not the color of their skin or their religion. I think basing my decision on the things that are important to me is my right as an American. I want someone leading the country who is honest and will lead the country in the right direction. I also want a person who feels the same as I do about the issues that matter to me.