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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a little mud, and a little mud slinging

It's been raining, for days. On and off but every day and the ground is pretty wet. This morning we took H to camp and while I was making the turn to get back out (the whole thing is a dirt road) I got stuck. Great. I hopped out in my flip flops and sunk to my ankles. I guess it was pretty funny watching me try and figure out how to get out because E was jumping around in the car so excited. Hopping from window to window and shouting out suggestions. (right, you're 6 and you can get my suburban unstuck? :) ) The camp girls and I tried for a while, with no luck. Finally a dad came by to drop off his daughter and he had a pulling something, not a rope but like a thick/flat rope and we tugged us out. E feels we should have one of those "cool thingys" in all our cars. What a muddy mess. But we're out and some of us enjoyed it so that's good.

Phone bill drama still on going. I have called no fewer than 7-8 times talking to different people and trying to get this sorted out. This morning, with "customer service specialist" #9 I think I made some progress. It still has to be approved and isn't all we hoped for but if it works out (which I am so not holding my breath on at this point) we got the bill down to $423 for the summer instead of $1800+ Still ouch but less of one. We'll see. Stupid S-----.


Yvonne said...

I can't imagine that much mud. Glad you got help and got out.

Sorry the phone bill is still so high, but definitely better than $1800.

nadauld said...

Do you usually get a lot of rain during this time of year? That phone bill is crazy. I'm impressed with your persistence and I'm sure you still keep your cool. I am so lame and shy away from stuff like that. Blogging is so nice and inexpensive. We should just communicate that way!!!:) It was fun reading your last few entries.

I have a good life said...

Yikes! What a mess! You sound so calm about it. At least E was having a great time. I'm sure his jumping around in the car didn't help get it unstuck! :)