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Sunday, August 17, 2008

17 is my least favorite age.

you know how every minute after curfew that your child has missed ticks by like a excruciatingly slow lifetime? First you're just mad, because there are rules that have to be followed for their safety and for your own peace of mind. Then, after a while, you worry. Were they in an accident?, did something horrible happen? that's where I am right now...waiting.

She answered a text around midnight. Where are you? In the middle of a movie, it didn't start until 10:30. Why didn't you call? sorry, I forgot. (not okay, but we'll deal with it when she gets home)

I woke up an hour later.

Did I miss her coming in?

Get up to check. Nope.

Text, no answer.

Call. No answer

Repeat every 2 minutes.

Now it's almost 2am. Is she dead on the road somewhere? ...probably not. Will she be once she walks through the door? You can bet on it.

but Please let her walk through that door, and keep her safe until she does.

(parts of being a mom that I don't love.)

I wrote this last night, and posted it, then took it down (didn't want it to be famous last words) but now she's home, and she's fine and she's grounded for a really long time, so I'm putting it back.
So I'll remember it isn't all swim parties and midnight giggles. but it's still worth it. And I am soooo grateful. and I love her but she's still grounded, maybe forever.


Yvonne said...

IT IS SO HARD SOMETIMES, ISN'T IT!!!!! (Believe me, I totally sympathize)

I have a good life said...

I can't tell you how glad I was to hear that she did walk in the door! I had even called DH to see if she mentioned anything at work and he was so worried, too. Lots of prayers were offered...she is loved (even grounded for the rest of her life)and your family is so loved.

Chel said...

oh goodness... I'm so not looking forward to this.

nikko said...

We are so glad she is home safe. Hugs!

Anne/kq said...

Hoo boy. My husband and I dread 14 years from now, when we will have girls 14, 16, and 18 years old (and undoubtedly more...)

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Again thank goodness!! and many prayers were heard --I waited to post but I hope she does know how many people love her and would listen to her and will help both of you when ever needed or wanted

Anne said...

I'm glad she is home safe, I can only imagine how worried you were!

oh man! That reminds me of when I did that to my mom, and the way you wrote how you felt makes me feel SO bad that I ever was so thoughtless! poor moms of teenage girls!!!!

Love My Cottage Garden said...

Having a 17 year old daughter I definately know that feeling. What can one do at a moment like this...only pray! This year is senior year for us and oh dear I know there will be many sleepless nights ahead. Glad she is ok.

Robin said...

Life throws us manu curves.... It really sinks...glad that she did make it home... everyone says someday we will laugh..not hardly

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

I agree with Anne, "poor moms of teenage girls". I've been there, I'm glad it's better. Being grounded for a really long time isn't that bad, ask McKinzie.