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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

it begins

literally 8:01 on the 3rd morning of school. I get a phone call from H.

"I think Lu took my lines."
"in the orange folder"
quickly glance to the table where she was running lines with her dad last night. There sits the folder.
"Lu didn't take them, you left them on the table"
"Oh. Can you bring them to me?"

Last night I told her at least 3 times to put stuff in her back pack and this morning I found her "flight" folder on the couch after she insisted that everything was in the back pack. Yet she still forgot something.

This is, sadly, not unique to this morning or this child. And then I am always torn. I want them to be responsible and careful and organized and to remember what they need when they walk out the door. And I want to always be there for them. So I want to bring them, and I don't want to. In elementary I usually take the missing item up and lecture after school, again, to remember everything.
By middle school and up it costs them. Okay I'll bring it but you have to __________. Or some times I don't bring it and they have to turn in stuff late. Even writing this causes me to sigh, what to do, what to do?

8:19 the phone rings again, it's J.
Mom can you pick up me and Sophie after school?
You ride the bus.
But mom...
No, and Lu has dance so I couldn't anyway.
Okay, have a good day.
You too baby.

Life was a little simpler before people could get a hold of each other any time any where.


Shauna6pack said...

I have the EXACT same gripes/feelings about forgetful kids. I WANT to help them but if I always pick up the pieces, they wont learn responsibility. But I can't stand to let them down, either.

I give them one free pass but after that they have to pay up, too. I make such a big deal about it that the school secretaries know my policy and have even helped whichever child it was decide if it is worth it to call me... Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Hey, I like involving the school secretary. . .your friend is smart. . . and you are a good mommy. I think it's important to teach responsibility and sometimes we need the school of hard knocks to teach that!

lera said...

I like the concept of them "paying." I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.

(No, we aren't near Pax River. Maybe 2-3 hrs away. I'm not sure.)

Yvonne said...

With the cost of gas, that's a lot to ask, eh???

It is such a dilema, but you certainly have it right.

Katy said...

In my house you knew not to call mom. If dad was in town and you knew for sure he would answer the phone you would call him and then he would even take you out to lunch. My mom did bring me my cheerleading bloomers one day in middle school. I realized on the bus I had forgot them so the secratary let me sit in the office till my mom arrived. The one and only time I can remember her bringing something.

But I did have a friend whose mom made them pay her money each time they forget something and called her to come bring it. If I remember it started out small like 50 cents and then each time they asked it went up.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I am w/ Shauna on her answer -- but if they ever did call I went:) which was not too often