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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

day one~ check

The first day of school went well. J came home with homework already and she had some classes with some friends. She doesn't want to ride the bus but such is the sad fate of a 15 year old with no car or license and a mother who doesn't want to fight the crowds or use the gas.

S had a good day. She came home excited and happy about seeing her friends and the classes she has. Hopefully it will be a great year for her, for them all, of course!

E and H seemed fine as well. H was happy to have Meagan Ngyuen in her class who also lives on our street and Gracie who lives around the corner. E and his favorite friend Caleb sit right next to each other.

Picking up the kids was a nightmare. The traffic flow is a real problem. We left our home at 20 til 3. Drove around to the school and got in line and sat there for the next 35 minutes until we actually had children in the car, I could see the school the whole time but no one was moving. Lu fell asleep so we zipped over to McD for Ice Creams instead of getting her out, putting down our stuff and getting back in the car, then went to wait in J's line, a mere 17 minutes. We got home at 4:10.

This morning I sat on the porch, in my nightgown, and happily waved as they hopped on the bus and I will even more happily wave at the end of the day, not in my nightgown, when they come home!

Lu and I spent the day cleaning up and reading books and doing laundry. She made a paper bag monster and cut Styrofoam for literally 2 hours. Both those ideas were hers, and they were good ones :) Today we are getting together with our friends that we are switching daycareing with and figuring out how that is going to work. I am excited. I am waiting on my transcripts and then I'll be ready to go.
Last night for the first soccer practice of the season and FHE and another run for school supplies, all we have left now is graph paper (they were out) and some fancy calculator S needs for Calculus, which I am hoping to put off buying until the weekend.
Meanwhile on a completely unrelated note I had the oddest dream last night. I normally don't remember my dreams. In fact for probably 15 years, all of my 20's and part of my 30's I never remembered a single one. Then about 5 years ago I woke up one morning and I remembered one (that I have since forgotten), I was shocked. Since then, occasionally, I will remember one and frankly they are always a disappointment. This one was strange. We were having a ward party at our house and Emma was here but her parents weren't and then they came and they had a little baby boy and Tori was wearing a night gown and they said surprise we had a baby! I, and everyone, was shocked. I didn't even know she was pregnant! Then she said when you are really tall it's hard to tell and we wanted to surprise everyone. The baby was cute and kind of big. How unfair, even in my dreams she is tall and lovely while I am a butterball!!


Tori said...

Would that is was true that my tallness disguises my pregnancies. Alas, I get huge when pregnant. Monstrous. Gigantic. Think giant beach ball.

Hope your dreams aren't prophetic.

Kathy said...

Sad to hear you guys are not doing playschool. But good luck with teaching.

lera said...

That sounds like a busy day. I can't believe you had to sit in traffic in front of the school for that long! Ugh.

(What area of MD are you moving to?)

Yvonne said...

I do not miss those long lines waiting to pick kids up from school.

So glad Lu kept herself busy.

Suzanne said...

Hopefully the picking up goes more smoothly in the future! That's a long time to have to wait to get everyone gathered in!

Lisa M. said...

Oh how neat! I love it. Isn't it just fun, when kids play like that.

I am glad school went well. I promise I did not love school like my kids have.

Colleen said...

I just have to say that you have absolutely beautiful children. All of them. Gorgeous!

utmommy said...

That's the cutest brown paper bag monster I've ever seen!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Tori wasn't lying:) But she doesn't get as big as I do:( I had a bad dream Monday night too--- rats were nibbling on Becca's toes in our nonexistent basement---- do you think there was a disturbance in the atmosphere? and I never saw a paper bag monster before but now I will never have to be afraid of the idea of them because they are too cute:)