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Sunday, August 17, 2008


also happy birthday to Allison. She and Anna have the same birthday! She is actually my cousin's daughter but our ages are weird so I always thought she was my cousin too. Marie Jeanne is my dad's oldest sister. She is maybe 17 years older than him(ish) and so her two sons were not all that much younger than my dad. When I was little I thought she was my grandmother. I didn't actually ever meet my dad's parent. All the years I was growing up we always went to San Fransisco for holidays and for a long visit in the summer. We stayed at Baba Olya's and Deda's, who were my mom's parents. And we'd go visit MJ and Arno, who I thought, until I was 11ish were my other grandparents. They were so great and Alec and I liked going to their house and playing with the dogs and walking in the yard and eating her most delicious (and sometimes unusual) food. When my cousins got married and started having kids they were the ages of my younger brother and sisters and it was even more fun. I loved to play with them, especially Allison who was so cute and sweet.

Anyway, cousin or second cousin, they are dear to me and I am happy to be family. Albert and Suzanne (Allison's parents and my cousins) are the only members of our family who ever joined the church so that has always given our two families a special bond as well.

All that to say: Happy Birthday!!! I hope to meet your little ones some day and to spend some time all together. Maybe we should plan something after Mom and Dad return home from their mission.

photo borrowed from her blog, Allison and her sweet hubby Aaron.

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nadauld said...

Thanks for birthday blog Lana. Let's put that big reunion when you're parents return in the workings now. We do need to see each other!
Your second cousin (or something)