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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall Festivities

J is at a Quincenera for two of her friends. DH and I just got home a few minutes ago so I am waiting for 10 more minutes until I go to do pick up duty. I hope she's having fun.

Yesterday was our ward temple day. We went and it was great to see so many friends there. We stopped on the way home at my favorite restaurant, Brio, for their lobster bisque~ yum!

Today DH had to work, he actually has to work all weekend, the plane is doing some kind of freeplay test (whatever that means.)

So that meant I was on my own for soccer, karate (which was skipped), family cleaning hour, and H's school carnival. Papa and Grandma did end up coming to the carnival with us and Grandma worked in the booth instead of me. We had a very fun time and brother made a couple goals at soccer so it was a pretty good day.

Tonight was Stake Conf. DH was home in time and we were able to go together which was nice. The talks were great, as usual. After we went out to Chili's with Rob & Tori and Emmett & Julia.

Now, I've waited long enough and I can go pick her up without shopping up embarrassingly early :)


Yvonne said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Have a great Sunday.

Joyismygoal said...

how fun for you guys and how nice to have grandma work your booth.